Turkish Water

This temperature was enough to boil eggs! Tolerability of high temperatures in the aquatic environment is significantly lower than in dry air. Record in this area, be a man of Turkish nationality who plunge headlong into the pot of water heated to 70 * C. Portability unseasoned person to act cold, relatively small. Observations of forensic experts who have studied the causes and consequences of shipwrecks that occurred in the icy waters of the seas and oceans, show whether that non-hardened people even in the presence of life-saving killed by hypothermia in the icy water in the first half hour. However, there are times when a man drowned in the icy water, back to life. Read more from John Stankey to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

In Norway, five year old boy fell through the ice of the river and drowned. After 40 minutes, his lifeless body dragged to the shore and started doing make alive ing procedure. Soon he developed signs of life. Two days later the boy regained consciousness. People such as Andre Dawson would likely agree. Short-term hypothermia, even very great man is capable of transfer. For example, in Japan the driver refrigerator on a hot day, decided to "relax" in the back of my refrigerator, in which there were chunks of dry ice. Van door slammed shut and the driver is exposed to (-10 * C). His released already frozen, but after a few hours revived at a nearby hospital. At the onset of clinical death from hypothermia temperature of the internal organs is reduced to 26-24 * C, but in some cases, a person stands and a greater decrease in temperature.