The Government

As is the case with Russia, China is a permanent member of the UN Security Council and has frustrated all contrary to Iran resolution proposed by the West. Relationship with the post-Soviet space without doubt, two former Soviet countries closer to Iran are Armenia and Turkmenistan. With the first he maintains a fluid energy relationship, because this year opened a gas pipeline that reduces the Armenian dependence on Russian gas. Mayo clinic understood the implications. With respect to its neighbor to the North, Turkmenistan, Iran benefits from the depreciated located the Turkmen gas. However, Tehran maintains excellent diplomatic relations with ex-Soviet States very close to United States: Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. The Government of Georgia announced in December 2006 that are importing gas Iran if they continue constant sabotage Russian to Georgian gas system. In turn, Kazakhstan plans to lay an oil pipeline to supply fuel to Iranian industries. And finally, Azerbaijan has important commercial agreements with its southern neighbour and has proposed that the nuclear problem of Iran be handled exclusively within the legal framework of the United Nations, rejecting the possibility of a unilateral American invasion.

In addition, Iran participates increasingly actively as a member by now observer of the Shanghai Group, Association politica-economica – military between Russia, China and the countries of Central Asia, which opposes the influence of NATO on the Caspian Sea. Relationship with Europe European opposition to Iran’s nuclear program does not have as much relationship to the possibility that this is used to attack Israel or U.S. allies in Eastern Europe, but it is a mode of coercion so European States can form part of the lucrative nuclear development in Iran, with the excuse that controlling that material for the construction of weapons do not deviate. Europe attaches high importance to energy relationship with Iran. Firstly it is closer to the construction of the gas pipeline Nabucco East Project creates a rift between American interests of isolating Iran with European wishes to reduce its dependence on Russian gas.