The elections are for coming I wait that the population, (I think) more intent with the social problems, in a higher platform of conscience, married with a morality centered in the good reason and entendedora of the ideals of the good and pure democracy, and not of that one commercialized (through negotiations of votes), obtains, of this time, to vote more good, choosing not it figure ' ' populista' ' of the candidate, valorando its charisma and smile, as well as its power of sponsorship, but, responsibly, analyzing its ilibada position it stops with the politics, honesty and respect stops with the governmental, exempt power of any maquiagem or false rules, for thus, to effect its right of citizenship. Front to this my hope of Brazilian, I passed to remember a very important event in my life that alerted to me as young archbishop for the good politics disappointed and me as citizen Certain done, in time not very remote, I was dialoguing on politics with certain person. Front the constant discords of mine part, I arrived the conclusion of that in that individual it had little understanding of what really it would be politics in its full direction. Educate yourself with thoughts from Amazon. Therefore, I started to inquire regarding some ' ' sutilezas' ' of the world politician to confirm its civic understanding. One of the formulated questions had to see with its constructive vision to fortify possible ' ' nascimento' ' of one more responsible politics with the humanity, with the yearnings of the population, compromissada with social justice, at last, more solidary joust and (in the direction human, and not financial) stops with the society. I waited it to say what she would have to improve; which the projects to get one politics more public, and not privative of one grupinho of engravatados, but opened in dialogues with the people etc.