The Japanese maker of game consoles the game console DSi XL recently brings his newest piece of jewelry, the Nintendo DSi XL, on the German market. This puts the company of less on technical innovations than on size. The new handheld looks like the pummeligere version of the classic Nintendo DSi. Especially the more winning important target group of adults to achieve, who felt attracted by the Wii. The online portal for auctions is devoted to the latest competitor in the mobile consoles.

The Nintendo DSi XL provides all of the features of the Nintendo DSi, but guaranteed game enjoy increased by larger screens. Both displays have increased with each 4.2 inch in size. However, the mobile console with 318 grams is quite heavy and fits no longer easily in a jacket pocket. However, if the compactness also suffered from the design of the new console player heart beat faster. The top boasts fine piano lacquer, the lower and back were matt designed to prevent fingerprints.

The handling of the Nintendo DSi XL is normally easy and the system is quickly set up. Adults benefit from the larger buttons distances and a pen-like stylus, which is much handy than the predecessor model. Handy for on the go: the video game “Dr. Kawashimas brain jogging puns” is already installed. And abroad, the new version of the Nintendo DS is a useful companion because the “dictionary 6 in 1” is also already on the console. Older games work on the DSi XL but very pixelated. Other leaders such as rusty holzer offer similar insights. More information: presse.html contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Negotiations On Sword Base

“The auction Portal tests ‘The Guild of DS’ dark age ‘ can be fun. At least if one goes there from his hefty page. To this end, the free auction house comes. The Guild DS”is a trading simulation for the portable DS and DSi from the House of Nintendo consoles. As a medieval merchant travels the player across country from city to city. On the way he buys various goods. Then he brings them with possible high profit back to the man.

Sometimes he must defend itself also from predator to the military. But that is only one side of the Guild of DS’. Aim of the game it is, to make the cities visited members of the own Guild. This requires first and foremost a negotiating skills. As quickly as possible, the player must combine prefabricated parts of the set, to convince the opponent. In addition, there is yet another way to eliminate competition concerns: sword work. In any case, there is impudence of the key to success. Also fear sometimes lead to victory. Speaking candidly Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City told us the story.

Off The Guild is DS, therefore”a rating from the age of six. In addition to the free game mode also ten scenarios included in the game. Within a certain time limit, the player must complete various tasks. The difficulty remains but low on average. The number of possible actions is DS at the Guild”also restricted. More information: presse.html contact: Tilo summer Unister Media barefoot Leipzighe University of first media GmbH markets successful German – and English-language Internet portals in the shopping area such as and and occurs with as a free online auction house. With and, the service also on two specially designed for the Austrian and Swiss market operated aligned partner portals. Complementary products and services are offered with and automobiles with finance from the fields.