Steve Alpizar

Many times I the way in which they treat certain groups, begin them pity to talk with words of sadness, poor things!, this gives pain!, what happens is that these people are beginning to feel like victims of society, the Government, families, etc. To that extent nothing will change in these people because they believe that they are pursued by the circumstances. Everytime you treat someone as incapable of solving their own problems it is perpetuating its mediocrity, you must not do that!, actually you should believe in the people, help them to fulfill their dreams, tell them at all times they are very able, begin to act and change their lives right now, of them motivation and will see how these people begin to make progress. I was born in an underdeveloped country and me pain as you continue to commit the same mistakes of more than one century ago, they see how incapable persons and continue taking things for nothing, can someone change when everything succeeds without effort? It is too unlikely, these are the typical people that today they Thanks because they gave them 100, but then they curse him because now not takes them 200. It is also important to clarify that it is not being insensitive and we know that there are emergency situations such as health or a natural disaster, there is different because the solutions required are immediate and you must collaborate to the extent of its possibilities.

Mainly to give those who are limited by health, age, etc. Cases in which people have little chance, but with respect to other persons the appropriateness should be teaching them to change their habits, give them education and this will drive them to the top of success what do I do to help? Well as Steve Alpizar says in his book changing our system of beliefs to achieve success you must provide opportunities to people, with this initiative the people will begin to develop by itself, seek employment, help low-income people study but based on results, buy their products, knowledge to teach those people to generate well-being to their lives by themselves. Then you will be making a good. All persons without exception have fallen into the comfort and perhaps give us account that we are doing something wrong, but if there is no who point us we follow and this integral part can become our life and then we will defend it at all costs. You should teach people that abundance exists, that opportunities are for people who seek them on the basis of effort and discipline, all desire can materialize, life is wonderful, only is necessary to believe in the depths of our being, convince, visit: original author and source of the article