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Main Category: Sports Clubs of Elche Elche CF: It was founded in 1922 with the union of several clubs in the city, including Gymnastics Sporting and Elche. In 1958-59 achieved his first promotion to 1st Division, remaining in this category for twelve consecutive seasons. His greatest success was achieved in the 1968-69 season when they reached the final of the Copa del Generalissimo. Currently the club is located in the twenty-second place in the historical classification of first division, the third highest ranked of Valencia behind Valencia CF. and Villarreal CF in the 2008-2009 season is enrolled in the Liga Adelante (Spanish Second Division). Femesala Elche Club: A female football club. Founded in 1995, and has about 200 players who make up the different teams in their respective categories.In 2007/08 the team was the National League champion in the Division of Honor and the Nations Cup Champions League clubs, among other tournaments. In total, the team has won 15 official titles since its founding. Decatlon Athletics Club: Surge in 1978 for the disappearance of the sports section of the club Elche CF athletes have emerged as important sports Sonia Quesada Cristina Jover, Sandra Herbes, Saray Sarmiento, Pedro Hita, Juan Carlos and Pedro Antonio Esteso, Manuel Villalba, Julian Lozano, Jesus Sepulcher, Alberto Sanchez. Youth Athletic Club Elche Elche Club Volleyball: Club volleyball champion Copa del Rey in 2003. Club Bimil lenari Elche: female football team who is playing in Group 3 of the silver division. Elche Rugby Union: Rugby Club dean of the province of Alicante, founded in 1969, became first military National.Play your games at the Est dio Jos Antonio Amor s Palao, at Sports City. Elche Club Swimming: men’s water polo team who is playing in Division Honor of Valencia. Other clubs in town are Elche Basketball Club, Basketball Club Ilicitano, handball Elche Mustang, Kelme Football Club. Ilicitano Club Tennis: Old school of tennis Kelme located in Altabix sport facilities in the northeast of the city of Elche. Ilicitano Club currently has over 550 students from 4 years up to senior age. It is divided into two parts, the local primary school and racing school.