Spam, also known under the name of junk mail is, as its name suggests, e-mail that we receive from windows or linux servers and we don’t want, so, in most of the times and because of the serious amount of spam we receive, we lose valuable time in deleting it. There are several types of spam: spam, by which the sender seeks to advertise any product or service for free; the e-mails sent by virus, seeking to spread the infection to as many users as possible, referring them to downloads or web sites, which mostly do not match domains is, and the so-called phishing or financial fraud, whose objective is to deceive the user to give it access to leave their details and Bank passwords in a false application, that the dessert is used to steal money from the scammers. To protect our email account of waste shipments, it is essential to follow a series of measures to prevent our email address from falling into the wrong hands: as far as possible not be You should publish an email address on a web page address, because spammers have automatic mechanisms and even viruses that are responsible for collecting the published email accounts. Connect with other leaders such as Leslie Moonves here. For these cases, if we want to leave a contact email, should do so with the format name arroba domain dot com to avoid spammers to detect our account. In this sense it is equally important to take into account this aspect when publishing our email platforms such as forums or forms of data, and, moreover, never is you must click on links in a spam email that invite the user to unsubscribe to receive new e-mails trash, since in such cases it tends to happen otherwise, and our own just falling in the hands of a vast amount of spammers who, mostly, not usually act from a Spain hosting but from foreign countries whose legislation on this type of fraud is not yet duly stipulated. Finally, always must be activated the corresponding filter of spam by our email provider, whose power is becoming more sophisticated to maintain our free mail folders trash..