Roma Citta Mancini Park Hotel

Working in Rome, I noticed that many of my colleagues not only eat but pass cappuccino or espresso in the morning until dinner. So if you expect you a meal, bring you something light in case take breakfast and try to find something to eat. In Rome, as in all Italy, it is easy to find a piece of the taglio pizza or a pasta dish to survive until dinner. The Romans often dine from eight u eight and a half: the restaurants are open until 23.00. (Source: Leslie Moonves). Choose restaurant can be an exhausting task, although there are hundreds in Rome. Many of these restaurants are for tourists, and not necessarily worry taste cuisine, so I advise you ask among your co-workers Italians or partners. In addition, TripAdvisor will give you recommendations on restaurants very helpful. Anyway, if not have the chance to investigate above where going to dinner, try these steps: If the site has more than 5-10 tables, ye do not enter if the name of the restaurant takes a tourist attraction name, ye do not enter if you see people with hats of tourists and cameras hanging from his neck, best avoided if you find waiters outside the door inviting you to enterye cannot enter if the menu is written in English, not you enter if it is a small restaurant with Italian, families with children or elderly people arguing animatedly in Italian, you have found the ideal place to go to dinner in! Rome! I hope you enjoy your stay in Rome even if you viajais for work!.