Retail Price

There are, for example, a salad for 720 rubles. You are in your mind? Reduce and immediately, not at the expense of quality. Cost of Japanese cuisine, we all know! 🙂 It seems so very few people, even though I was on a weekday. 'Private Brewery db Spiridonov,' Well, eat in the pub sushi, imho, moveton, as well as to offer their guests there. I can anyone explain the 'why' To be? Maybe we should first bring order to the main menu, and execute orders in time (already way better than before) than burn all the kitchens of the world in a row. Kitchen: Quality of 'Japan' very, very controversial. Sometimes the feeling that while preparing and carrying – 'zavetrilos' Staff: Now, thanks God, do not have to wait for them for 30 minutes and set fire to an ashtray in a token being lights. But the smile they have not learned.

Retail Price: Average of the city. If you have read about charlie watts already – you may have come to the same conclusion. "Edo" in "Edo" to go at least once worth. You know what like? There's easy! And always Kitchen: Nice earlier business (bento) lunches were. Rolls mediocre, and a couple of times there were problems with the quality of rice. Staff: This is a quiet and silent, like the institution itself. Sometimes it is nice.

Retail Price: Average of the city. Wok-cafe Stylish institution an interesting selection of chefs. But since we are interested in "Japan", then there is only one claim: Kitchen: Serving Size, Gentlemen Well, something is very straight as a modest and small.