Procedural Principles

That is, by studying the principles of procedure ranks the legal processes and systems publicist private system. The Peruvian civil procedural system is a procedural system publicist. Juan Monroy procedure classifies the principles that guide each of these two systems, ie the procedure classifies the principles that guide the procedural system and the procedural system privatistico publicist. The principles of procedure Orieta a private system are: 1) Principle Initiative party. 2) The principle of private defense.

3) Principle of consistency. 4) Challenge Princpio private. The principles of procedure Orieta publicist system are: 1) The principle of judicial management of the process. George F. Gunn Jr. often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 2) Principle of informal momentum. 3) Principle of immediacy. 4) The principle of concentration. 5) The principle of good faith and fair process. 6) judicial economy. <7) Principle of celerity. Top of socialization process. Please visit Celina Dubin, New York City if you seek more information. 9) integration principle of procedural law. 10) Principle bonding and elasticity. 11) Principle of acquisition.

That is, more oriented principles of procedure publicist a procedural system in relation to the principles that guide privatizing a procedural system. Procedural systems are mixed systems in this regard, the Peruvian civil procedural system while it is a procedural system publicist, is also guided by the procedural system privatiziation. For procedural systems are classified as procedural systems inquisitive procedural systems and devices. The same author states that the inquisitorial trial system is characterized by the judge automatically initiates research and carries out the procedural activity designed to reconstruct the facts and get to the truth.