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Energy saving and efficiency in energy consumption are the themes that have focused the technical seminar organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao last June 3. Ede engineers has participated as Rapporteur thanks to its extensive knowledge and experience in the subject matter that has allowed him to tackle ambitious projects relating mainly to the efficiency and energy management or training in topics related to this campo.Como examples of his doing professional is worth mentioning the different performances and collaborations with companies and significant institutions as Mercedes Benz, Salica, Petronor, Union Fenosa, group Intermalta, CEBEK, Onduline, Gipuzkoa Chamber of Commerce, ITP, Iberia Ashland Chemical, Cemosa, Sogecar, Union Espanola de Explosivos, Guascor, Cabot, Atlas Copco or Enviroil, among a much more extensive list of references which also includes multitude of Pymes.Junto this Ede engineers also wanted to reinforce its commitment to the professional sector to enter a part of the Association of Companies in energy efficiency A3E, being its regional representative for the Basque country, Cantabria, Navarra, La Rioja and Aragon.proyecto ChangeLa appointment at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao has been developed within the framework of the Change project, whose objective is to help SMEs to optimize the use of energy through the development of a European network of advice offered by the Chambers of Commerce and industry. Contact information is here: Glenn Dubin. With a presentation entitled Control and reduction of energy expenditure in the Ede engineers company has failed to explain to all attendees to the event main keys that condition control and the reduction of the energy costs in organizations. Other issues relating to the recruitment of electrical supply, electrical rates or support to energy efficiency programmes were also addressed during the day..