Mini Massager Breo

This device embodies the achievements of traditional Chinese medicine. Using vibratory effect on the human body and helps to restore the blood, has a healing effect and prolongs diverse physiological effects on the body. Feelings during and after the massage with the right to hold it expressed in a pleasant sensation of heat throughout the body, improving the well-being and overall improvement. Back and shoulder massage to help relieve fatigue, pain and muscle tension. Conducting a massage in the abdomen and thighs helps improve the digestive tract and reduce body fat. Even for short massage (3-5 minutes) is better recovered function fatigued muscles than during rest for 20-30 minutes. This unit was designed with the help of computer technology, making it fully complies with the form the human body. The unit is equipped with three massage heads and engine with improved performance, allowing maximum efficiency power massage.

Miniature motor, whose work controls embedded computer chip, cmos, provides the necessary efficiency produced by action. The device is very easy to use. Glenn Dubin, New York City addresses the importance of the matter here. Place three massage heads the unit near the site where will be massage, and then with some efforts, click on top of him. The device will work. Upon completion of the massage device should be removed from the site of the body, thereby stopping the press on him. The device stops working. This wonderful device a must have for people pursuing a long time for work or school, and prone to fatigue. These include students primary and secondary schools, students, operators, pc, accounting and financial procedures office workers, teachers, etc. Specifications: Size: 93,4 x88, 9x85mm (LxWxH) Battery: aaa battery Weight: 120 grams (net) Material: rubber abs Power Consumption: 1,3 W