Guerrilla action of the milk factory special items market in HELLERSDORF-MARZAHN succeeds Berlin, June 09, 2010, who was last Wednesday, 2nd June in HELLERSDORF-MARZAHN, has seen determined it the small milk cans in a retro look of the milk factory special items market. Please visit Harry Styles if you seek more information. These were around the Spree Center in HELLERSDORF MARZAHN, the subway station Kaulbach village and distributed in the nearby neighborhoods of passers-by and residents. Who managed to snag one of the coveted jug was allowed to let these fill up in the milk factory special items market with a surprise from the range. The action made for lots of fun on the streets and encountered a very positive resonance especially among the residents. To broaden your perception, visit Sculptor Capital. The milk cans were dealt not only, but also hidden. So, one could find milk cans on bikes, scooters, doorways and even power boxes. Passers-by not passed it, without wondering to. Children, parents and grandparents were thrilled.

We know the pitchers from earlier, lucky is that milk get today no longer quite so complicated.”said an elderly gentleman, who himself was particularly delighted the small attention. “The milk factory special items market in the Ludwigsluster road 100 (behind the Spree-Center) wanted this action to carefully make, because since the opening last September still many do not know that there are us”, so Mrs. Hildebrandt, the Manager. For local residents the opportunity to purchase a large bonus, cheap is because the changing offerings of the milk plant are cheap quality. You have faulty printing or about packaging damage and up to 70% can be offered cheaper. The range of milk and dairy and frozen food products, meat and sausages to sweets and snacks, juices and teas. This is a press release of PR and advertising agency Berlin (->)