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With ArenVista, the founder of Mark Zacharias and Curt Gerritzen create a football portal for all clubs: by the Bundesliga club to teams in the lowest class of the circle. It must be still a football page? Yes, by all means, because is the ever-growing Web 2.0 football community for all football clubs from the Bundesliga club until the Club in the lowest amateur class. This also applies of course for men’s and women’s football. “ offers all football fans an interactive platform where the Olympic idea” stands in the foreground: this is everything. And is free of charge. After the registration, anyone can add photos and even videos, Forum post, or create personal blogs. Here is a loose and amusing way of communication between fans of all clubs. Your club is looking for an opponent in another federal State, yet teams from other regions will be sought for a tournament.

In the ArenVista Forum, this is possible, as is the search for cards for a specific game or a ride to the next away game of your club. And for a suitable accommodation among the fans help in the search. At the virtual bar, you can discuss the latest Bundesliga news as well as the performance of your favorite player, the nominations for the European Championship or the great victories of our soccer ladies. Fans meet fans in your own living room. Football links and finally has a platform where new friendships are made in ArenVista. My Club is not yet covered at

No problem. The design of your own Club page becomes child’s play with ArenVista. With just a few clicks, even your Club on the homepage is founded and immediately online. The appearance is just as professional as the German champion or Champions League participant. As an administrator, you can manage this club site”you alone, there are no costs. ArenVista is only online for a few days. Many professionals and fans who have experienced by this community, agree: ArenVista heard in the Champions League of soccer sites! Hanno Horsinka, IE-media press contact: arcur media Curt Gerritzen Hamm str. 30, 22085 Hamburg Tel.: 040-220 46 90 mobile: 0171-4444 456 E-mail: Web: