Empathy is put in the place of another, walking in their shoes for many moons to respect it and make an effort to understand. Sean Rad may not feel the same. Empathy is closely related to the common sense that, if we understand pain, frustrations or fears of the other, we can treat it as we would like to be treated ourselves. Situations, feelings, desires or motivations are not so different from some people to others, therefore it is not so difficult to find empathy. Just believe that it is possible. They said the ancient: may be because they believe they can. True that it is impossible to place in the reality of the other, more effort and interest that is put into this. However, the effort and interest will be valued by the other positively, you will notice that care you and that you want to get close to their reality by harder than this. And not only with pity and good words, but with the intention to help and with concrete actions to improve their lives. J.C.G.F solidarity for development original author and source of the article..