Focus on what you want is much more effective than focusing on what you don’t want. Not give praise if your dog is showing you a dominant and demanding attitude. If your dog wants to be pampered, you do sit first! Everybody wins and the dog learns good manners at the same time. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Anuradha Mittal. Now the last of the Councils to educate a dog: 3. out of my way! A leader is respected.

Means that it must not be located in high traffic areas (corridors, Center of the living room or central hall of the House, or cooking), nor should sit at your feet, or in your favorite chair and must not refuse to get out of the way. Doing so gently sliding feet in the direction you want to go, while using an excited tone and shaking your hands you do that lift up and walk. For a dog, try to live without a leader and get along with everyone doesn’t work. Dogs live in herds with well defined hierarchies, no on democracies. Remember that if there is no human leadership your dog will be in charge and shall establish the rules. It is time to assume the position of leader.

If you do, you will immediately notice positive changes in your dog’s behaviour. You and your dog will begin to work in a team. If you take your position as leader of your dog will thank you and how hard that work to please you will surprise you. You begin using these 3 tips and you’ll see that their behavior will have improved noticeably in a few weeks and you will be able help other people with these techniques so that they also have these tips to teach a dog. Want to know the secrets, strategies and the best tips to educate a dog easily? I’m going to offer you now something more advanced than these tips to educate a dog, if you are still there is because really you want to do the right thing and end forever with your dog behavior problems. I invite you to register to receive a course in Videos on dog training to get to the bottom of this problem and become an expert on the subject. Only you must register and you’ve won you a course absolutely free of dog education. Leave me your details in the link below and I’ll send to your email immediately.