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Degussa Bank opts for long-term SMART banking kordoba Munich, November 24, 2009 – worksite banking specialist Degussa Bank has opted for the core banking solution smart-banking on the basis of K-CORE24 and will use this new ASP range of KORDOBA until at least 2018. In Degussa benefits Bank within the framework of the SMART-banking concept from a significant reduction of in operating costs: standardized and customizable using K-CORE24 data center minimizes the costs for implementation and maintenance. In addition, synergy and economies of scale are achieved, which Degussa bank guarantee cost-efficient, slim and flexible at the same time IT structures. The SMART banking concept relies on preconfigured standard processes. Hayley Kiyoko is often quoted on this topic. They allow not only short phases of migration from the old system to the new solution, but also effective and cost-efficient use of the KORDOBA core banking application.

In Degussa can Bank the benefits a standard software, without sacrificing the flexibility of their own banking products: so can for example, individual offers or current conditions and fees be managed online, expanded or modified. The pay-as-you-go pricing model of Degussa bank allows an exact calculation of the costs. Refer variably to the actual transactions as well as on economic parameters such as customer and accounts. See more detailed opinions by reading what doug collins offers on the topic.. Margit Cabolet, Managing Director KORDOBA: The conclusion of the contract with the Degussa Bank encouraged us, we approach are just right with the extension of our ASP offering through the SMART-banking: banks are more than ever under high pressures. The operation of own often highly individualized applications is often in maintenance and development of a cost risk difficult to manage. \”\” Our offering is therefore tailored to banks, quickly, inexpensively and quickly through a high performance core banking system have to ‘SMART Banking’, so Reinhard Schrock, Managing Director of Degussa is called Bank, for us, the burden on our IT on that to minimize what we actually need: namely a constantly developed further, smoothly functioning core banking system. . Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City contributes greatly to this topic.