Auto Electric

Learn how to build your own electric car sounds like something that would take you years of training is not so? It is wrong, anyone can convert your car to electric with the correct Guide. I in my wife handle electric thanks to this kind of guides cart today. I am very impressed with our electric vehicles, already I have them counted half of our neighbors about our cars, some of them even have begun convert their vehicles to electric one week after that present our vehicles. What is needed to start? 1. A place at home work in your vehicle, such as for example 2 garage. A step by step guide which will guide you through the process of conversion 3. Basic tools that the majority of people have such as a drill, screwdrivers etc 4. It would also be very good idea will ask a friend yours that helps you in the project then, the first thing you will need is the shopping cart that will convert to electric, some trucks will have better results than others, but most of the cars can be converted. After learning that cart will use, you will need to purchase a DC motor. If you want a charge that lasts you 160 to 200 km you will need to get around 20 batteries, a good guide will show you step by step how to get many batteries at cheap or even free prices, so you don’t worry about costs, with each conversion who go doing the process, it makes it easier so the first time may take 14 hours doing the conversion but the second conversion you can do it in only 7 hours Since you will be more familiar with the process, even until you can open his own workshop and make these conversions for people, it is an excellent idea of business with a promising future ahead.