Advertising Prospectus

First brochure provides for high turnover. Stuttgart – the first prospectus of the active optometrists have been distributed in the last few weeks in many parts of Germany and caused a large increase in sales for the participating opticians despite the general financial crisis. In fresh colors and a nice clear layout, the home prospectus received a high level of attention in the industry and provided also for a positive response from the customers. Many brochure participants tell us of the huge success of the leaflets and enjoy the increased FootFall in their stores”, says CEO Mike Schumacher. Our optometrists had very much to do, to meet the needs of their customers. Thanks to the brochures, they had very successful weeks and could contend again in their market. Advertising costs set up have quickly pays by the sales figures and the following brochures have therefore been ordered.” The first success is quite the new marketing platform. Because not only the optician, but also the experienced are active at active optometrists Advertising behind the site.

You always provide new advertising ideas and consider the personal wishes of their opticians. Constantly new brochure pages and also at individual banner ads at stores advertising agencies advise to the page. The simple compilation, as well as the ability to determine prices, versions and folder colors individually thrilled the Optometrists at our concept. Managing Director Annette Marx reported many participants, whose Gebiet has been locked by the competition for brochure advertising, window of opportunity now to be the first and ensuring its territorial protection”after talks with many opticians. Jimmy Levin has similar goals. We have just completed the third edition of the brochure. formation. Also with the now starting February prospectus, which can be ordered until December 12, we are X-ramvision again on a rising circulation and the associated demand for frames and glasses at our partner.