Balm Purely

When is Christmas on the stomach, Iberogast can help every year is vigorously feasted during the Christmas season. Roasted almonds, greasy bratwurst and mulled wine on the Christmas market and lavish buffets at the Christmas party with colleagues and friends anywhere lure Christmas treats. Finally, the temptation is especially great, indulge in culinary delights in a cozy atmosphere. The quiet weeks of the year are but a hard time for the stomach. During the holidays, when fat Christmas goose and other rich feasts are on the table and joins family dinner family food, hard work is for the stomach. Gastrointestinal symptoms such as stomach pain, bloating, nausea and heartburn can quickly spoil the Christmas mood.

The purely plant-based medicinal Iberogast can remedy. The combination of nine herbs, Iberis amara (bitter Candytuft), angelica root, Chamomile flowers, caraway fruits, milk thistle fruit, Balm leaves, mint leaves, Celandine and licorice root, can help quickly and comprehensively Iberogast various stomach ailments. The plant extracts are already individually effective, can supplement their effect but in combination and even intensify. So Iberogast can stimulate a flabby stomach, cramps in calm, protect the mucosa from excess stomach acid and anti-inflammatory effect. The purely vegetable composition, Iberogast is especially well tolerated and also suitable for elderly people and children. There is more information about Iberogast and around the topic of stomach under Iberogast. With gastro-intestinal disorders with symptoms such as stomach pain, bloating, flatulence, stomach intestinal cramps, nausea, heartburn.

Importance of Getting Good Sleep

In this case, 'Vitaspektr C' is indispensable: it contains substances that are not only enhances the body's defenses, but also provide additional power of brain cells. 'Morpheus': quiet sleep, as we sometimes dream to get to bed and 'turn off' and relax to the next day with renewed vigor storm career tops! And many of the complex solutions come in a dream it was not in vain 'sleep on it'. However, for the victims 'office of the disease', this dream became unattainable luxury. Phytotea 'Morpheus' remove nervous over-accumulated per day, relieve spasm of cerebral vessels during headache, calm down and set up on sleep. A small test. After taking the course 'Intelligent software', ask yourself again: 'I have a job with pleasure? " Now you do not have to think to answer, and surely you add – 'and I'm flying home as on the wings! " Congratulations! You are – a happy man, because the formula of happiness has long been known: in the morning happy to go to work, and in the evening happily return home! 'Breynton', 'Item 2.

Formula A ',' Vitaspektr-C ',' Morpheus' Excellent memory, high capacity, quiet sleep 'Breynton' expands intellectual capacity rights, improves memory and reaction speed, reduce distractions, eliminates dryness, redness of the eyes, fatigue at high visual load (work at a computer, contact lens wear, prolonged driving car, especially at night). 'Item 2. Formula A 'has a powerful tonic effect, improves mood, helps to cope with high mental and emotional stress, accelerates adaptation to changing Timezone, the new climatic conditions. 'Vitaspektr C' protects brain cells, prevent 'chronic fatigue syndrome', strengthens blood vessels eye and protects them from the effects of free radicals, prevents the weakening of view, improves the eye to adapt to different lighting. Phytotea 'Morpheus' is calming, relaxing effect, reduces nervous excitement, helps normalize sleep. Result: 'Intelligent software' improves the brain, increases the concentration of attention, involvement in work, enhances memory, reduces long-term headaches, removes the 'symptom of the red-eye, helps prevent age-related changes of cerebral vessels, restoring sleep. Method: From 1 to 30 day: Morning: 2 capsules' Element 2. Celina Dubin pursues this goal as well. Formula A ', Day: 1 capsule' Vitaspektra-C '; evening: 1 capsule' Breyntona ', 1 bag of' Morpheus' 30 minutes prior to sleep or a relaxing bath with 'Morpheus' (brewed in 500 ml of water for 10 minutes, adding a bath).


Mini Massager Breo

This device embodies the achievements of traditional Chinese medicine. Using vibratory effect on the human body and helps to restore the blood, has a healing effect and prolongs diverse physiological effects on the body. Feelings during and after the massage with the right to hold it expressed in a pleasant sensation of heat throughout the body, improving the well-being and overall improvement. Back and shoulder massage to help relieve fatigue, pain and muscle tension. Conducting a massage in the abdomen and thighs helps improve the digestive tract and reduce body fat. Even for short massage (3-5 minutes) is better recovered function fatigued muscles than during rest for 20-30 minutes. This unit was designed with the help of computer technology, making it fully complies with the form the human body. The unit is equipped with three massage heads and engine with improved performance, allowing maximum efficiency power massage.

Miniature motor, whose work controls embedded computer chip, cmos, provides the necessary efficiency produced by action. The device is very easy to use. Glenn Dubin, New York City addresses the importance of the matter here. Place three massage heads the unit near the site where will be massage, and then with some efforts, click on top of him. The device will work. Upon completion of the massage device should be removed from the site of the body, thereby stopping the press on him. The device stops working. This wonderful device a must have for people pursuing a long time for work or school, and prone to fatigue. These include students primary and secondary schools, students, operators, pc, accounting and financial procedures office workers, teachers, etc. Specifications: Size: 93,4 x88, 9x85mm (LxWxH) Battery: aaa battery Weight: 120 grams (net) Material: rubber abs Power Consumption: 1,3 W


Turkish Water

This temperature was enough to boil eggs! Tolerability of high temperatures in the aquatic environment is significantly lower than in dry air. Record in this area, be a man of Turkish nationality who plunge headlong into the pot of water heated to 70 * C. Portability unseasoned person to act cold, relatively small. Observations of forensic experts who have studied the causes and consequences of shipwrecks that occurred in the icy waters of the seas and oceans, show whether that non-hardened people even in the presence of life-saving killed by hypothermia in the icy water in the first half hour. However, there are times when a man drowned in the icy water, back to life. Read more from John Stankey to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

In Norway, five year old boy fell through the ice of the river and drowned. After 40 minutes, his lifeless body dragged to the shore and started doing make alive ing procedure. Soon he developed signs of life. Two days later the boy regained consciousness. People such as Andre Dawson would likely agree. Short-term hypothermia, even very great man is capable of transfer. For example, in Japan the driver refrigerator on a hot day, decided to "relax" in the back of my refrigerator, in which there were chunks of dry ice. Van door slammed shut and the driver is exposed to (-10 * C). His released already frozen, but after a few hours revived at a nearby hospital. At the onset of clinical death from hypothermia temperature of the internal organs is reduced to 26-24 * C, but in some cases, a person stands and a greater decrease in temperature.


Healthy Life

As a result of sedentary activities more and more muscle groups atrophy. Robert Iger wanted to know more. Arise fehlstellungen in the joints. Forever back and forth, you can consider what you can do for his health. But to one you can’t get around it: the healthy exercise. It’s healthy to move regularly, especially in nature and stretch. Most of us are employed in a profession in which you spend your day mostly sitting. Dell Technologies Inc. is full of insight into the issues. To stay healthy in the musculoskeletal system, it is to do a few stretching exercises therefore advisable to fortify stunted muscles again after half an hour of sedentary work. How to get healthy stretches his muscles and healthy strengthens guides you can find books, the five Tibetans, or similar in yoga.

Simple and healthy exercises give it a whole new body-consciousness. A rubber air ball instead of the normal office chair has emerged as a very effective measure against wear of the intervertebral discs, the one in any health store or sporting goods store can buy. The body is at the sitting that stimulated to keep the spine in balance and maintain. Checking article sources yields Glenn Dubin, New York City as a relevant resource throughout. Thus a healthy natural movement and supply is created for the discs are compressed and stretched. The musculoskeletal system keep healthy through proper stretching and strong stretching exercises are healthy for the muscular system but also very important for healthy joints and healthy cartilage. Through shortened muscles, joints in a false position are brought and worn very quickly. Corresponding healthy stretching exercises they can in the right position again are associated with, and protect so the joints from wear and tear. Health training requires a lot of space, nor special or complicated equipment.

The healthy movements, which, when properly running it, really take all muscles of the body in claim, bring the body back into balance and its healthy balance. Healthy this exposure and focusing on healthy respiratory behavior is in accordance with the Is always more intense movements and concentration and is perceived as a new healthy body experience. Healthy, conscious breathing provides a special basis for all kinds of gymnastics and physical activity. Normally we use usually only about 50 percent of our lung capacity, training and a healthy breathing technique we can increase amazingly this rate. An ingenious means helping very well against healthy exercise habits, is the purchase of a dog. A dog requires at least an hour outlet in the morning and one in the evening. This is the best defense against the natural movement laziness of people and keeps healthy and fit a thus indirectly. In addition you may submit also gymnastics stops during the morning and evening walk round can be used for stretching and strengthening exercises.

Incurable Diseases

The clear answer is: there is no incurable diseases in principle! They are not in principle! A holistic approach will lead us to the following core statement: when a human body is to produce a symptom of the disease, he is also in a position to resolve this symptom again. It wasn’t spontaneous healings or so-called miracle cures otherwise. We must not deal with miracles, to provide the answers to this core statement. Holistically considered is always a direct connection between body, mind, psyche, emotions and our soul. Do you have a serious illness? E.G.

cancer? Then loosen up once for a moment of the deep fears, you automatically have overrun. These fears are caused by the society in partial ignorance and adopted half-truths about the links between health and disease in humans has created forms of programming. If you now detached deep in themselves into feeling,. feel there is a hope, or is already complete resignation? As long as you have only a spark serious hope to be healthy again, is also a prerequisite. If you have given up your body can no longer sufficient to develop self-healing, and a therapy will hardly help. The stronger your faith is, the greater the chance! We assume that you still seriously believe in itself, then the next step for you is to deal with the issue, which is caused in the deeper meaning of the symptom of the disease, there is now.

To do this you need support in your present condition probably. For more information see this site: Eva Andersson-Dubin. There are enough holistic therapists, doctors and other healers, who can help you. It is at this step now no longer so, to explain the disease image on a physical level and continue to explore, but that’s why, to uncover your life issues, that the closest related. And this must be entirely on you be involved. However, a suitable approach, only possible links to show: If you have for example breast cancer, particularly the themes of \”Culture\” or \”fed\” in a metaphorical sense can play a key role.

Hazardous Treatment

The website 'osteochondrosis, diseases of the spine' summed up the next poll, whose theme is awareness, and most importantly, people's understanding about the causes of their illness. After all, just knowing the cause of disease You can work out the optimal treatment strategy. The results of the survey were not very optimistic. Almost 60% of respondents do not understand the cause of their illness, 24% – say that basically they understand the causes of their illnesses, 11% – are beginning to understand and only 7% of the respondents clearly understand the cause and successfully treat. Thus, only every tenth person deliberately and successfully treated, while the remaining 90% trust advertisements in the media, use all kinds of goods that are useless, and sometimes may worsen the condition. To prevent relapse due to unsuccessful treatment of back pain, we give some contraindications and examples. For example, manual therapy is often used in the treatment of degenerative disc disease, as with other types of physical therapy, or separately. Danger of manipulation is that at the time this type of treatment used, many private physicians and medical centers, and professional manual therapist is not so much.

At the same time, the majority of neurologists and neurosurgeons say that when herniated disc more than 5 mm in manual therapy is already dangerous. in witness whereof, can cause the results of another survey on the results of which only 35% of respondents did not notice any complications after treatment by manual therapy. Other respondents pointed to the increasing pain, dizziness, paresis, and other complications. That is why, after the appearance of back pain, do not run to massage therapist, and must immediately be diagnosed, an mri of spine and then, to understand the causes of pain, to choose the best method of treatment. Another commonly advertised treatment for osteoarthritis are various kinds of medical collars and corsets. Their effect is that they support your spine in the correct position and thus prevent bulging discs, muscle tension, etc. But we must understand that this work should carry out your muscle corset. That is why, to wear a collar or corset will only harm you, because your muscles will no longer fulfill its role and will weaken, which can lead to instability (hypermobility) of the spine.

Working with the muscle corset through therapeutic exercises and training on simulators is another, a popular treatment used by many medical centers. This method of treatment, like many others, has an efficiency, but in certain cases. The main danger in this method is harsh and excessive load on the spine in case of improper matching set of exercises and improper execution of these exercises. If a strong complication or postoperative physiotherapy is performed only lying down, without a load. And only after a complication passes, physiotherapy supplemented exercises that are done standing, sitting, and then to the load. Therefore, immediately sat down at a simulator can not only help yourself, but again aggravate the situation. On the site you can meet many methods of conservative treatment of spinal disorders, which have sufficient efficacy when used correctly. (As opposed to Eva Andersson-Dubin). Learn about what surgical treatment is not always panacea, because in some cases accompanied by relapses, complications, and other troubles. Therefore, the choice of treatment should be as accurate as possible to establish the cause of pain and the cause of the disease, to the chosen method of treatment has got right on target and caused no complications and worsened your situation. ->


Adherence, Drug Resistance, Antibiotics

Probiotic afterbiotic may useful cancel his lack of adherence, so the early taking antibiotics or unauthorised change of treatment prescribed by the doctor, is cause of many complications, not only medical nature. So, it is estimated that alone that not taken can cost several billion euro medicines. The risks and dangers that can arise from a lack of compliance with a treatment with antibiotics are difficult to offset with money. A resistant bacteria may gain the upper hand and on the other hand, a not fully traded off infection again can occur as relapse and endanger health. Both is to prevent it. In certain cases, afterbiotic can help to improve the adherence to antibiotic applications.

The end of required treatment with antibiotics is determined neither doctor nor healing often, but by a sudden diarrhea. Unfortunately, diarrhea is a very common side effect of antibiotics. Doctors speak in these cases of antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Every second case of diarrhea can be accompanied with some antibiotics. But what to do in this situation? In advance simply won’t take the antibiotic? No, it’s time. One talk due to lack of adherence, the doctors of non-compliance, prematurely ended antibiotic therapy can lead to relapse and even resistance.

So bravely continue the antibiotic, and arrange with the diarrhea? Also it doesn’t have to be. You can grab the evil with the probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii, which is included in afterbiotic capsules, at the root. Because cause of such antibiotics of triggered diarrhoea is mostly a natural intestinal flora in the imbalance. The beneficial intestinal bacteria are like the antibiotic therapy for the victims and have made such micro-organisms place, which may cause diarrhea. This however may occur in principle all antibiotics, heaped with those of the penicillin – and cephalosporin type. It must be so the goal would be to limit the damage to the intestinal flora by the antibiotic. Saccharomyces boulardii in the afterbiotic capsules can restore the balance of the intestinal flora and thus effectively fight the diarrhoea. But even better. It’s not even going to the unpleasant diarrhea. In time, at the latest from the 3.Tag of antibiotics therapy applied the probiotic can help protect the natural intestinal flora and avoid diarrhea. From the 3rd day of antibiotic therapy, 2 x 2 capsules afterbiotic should be consumed daily for at least 10 days. Afterbiotic (PZN 4604255), which is by the way, significantly cheaper than comparable products, can be purchased at the pharmacy. Because the intestinal flora long even after a successful antibiotic treatment need for regeneration, it is a cure advisable with afterbiotic to the full recovery of the intestinal flora perform. For afterbiotic as a spa Pack (PZN 5852096) is 3 x 40 capsules and 250 mg of probiotic bacteria per capsule. Afterbiotic is available in pharmacies, also Internet pharmacies, medically supervised health centres and directly at the company. Because of the low price should not try in the pharmacy, to replace afterbiotic against a seemingly similar product. Should a reference on Pharmacy and wholesale impossible times, can afterbiotic directly at the company under 0611 58939458 shipping is available. Swarmed by offers, Glenn Dubin is currently assessing future choices. Contact: Navitum Pharma GmbH Dr. Gerhard Klages at the water tower 29 65207 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611-58939458 FAX: 0611-9505753 E-Mail: Web:

Pregnant Women

Mothers eating peanuts during pregnancy, expose may their children at increased risk for Peanut Allergy, as is evident from a recent American study. Under the direction of Dr. Scott H. of safe from the food allergy, Institute of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine researchers from five different US universities examined total 503 children aged from three to 15 months, which showed signs of a milk or egg allergy or which showed strong eczema and a positive allergy test to milk or egg. Milk and egg allergy are considered risk factors for Peanut Allergy. None of the babies had a known Peanut Allergy.

140 children showed a strong intolerance of peanuts in the blood tests and the consumption of peanuts during pregnancy was a very strong factor of prognosis for a positive blood test. “The consumption of peanuts pregnancy and its effects on the child was during a fiercely debated topic in recent years,” said Dr. safer. Hear from experts in the field like Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City for a more varied view. “Our study now shows that” This topic urgently must be investigated, so that we can advise in this regard better pregnant women in future.” The authors emphasize that the study at this time is not recommended for expectant mothers, to waive completely the consumption of peanuts during pregnancy. The evidence is still too thin. In particular resorted in the published study on the self-declaration of pregnant women with regard to their eating habits, what naturally is fraught with uncertainties.

In addition, the study has confirmed only an increased risk for a positive test of peanut allergy. Despite these limitations, the study has provided an essential indication of a possible risk factor. The authors also believe that further controlled studies should be performed to further illuminate the findings. “A peanut allergy should not be underestimated. Typically, it persists for life, is potentially fatal and appears to be increasing in the population,”said Dr. of safer. “Our study is therefore an important step in order to take preventive measures, should actually show that peanut consumption during pregnancy leads to an increased risk of allergy in children.” Description of the company Swissestetix offers you a wide range of innovative treatments of in aesthetic medicine. We are experts for weight loss, wrinkle treatment, and surgical and non surgical facelifts. Thanks to great experience and latest techniques at the lipoplasty (liposuction), breast augmentation with autologous fat as well as the non surgical facelifts with Botox or fillers, we achieve optimal results. Benefit from our vast knowledge in dealing with the latest treatment methods for rhinoplasty, eyelid streamlining or whole face lifts. Enjoy the glamorous feel to look again fresh, relaxed and youthful. Call us and make an appointment for an initial consultation.


It turns out that pork as a significant Homo toxin (human poison) to look at is, which results in the body defense signs, are acting as a wide variety of diseases in appearance. Special load substances of Pork there arose the question of what actually is the differences between pork and other meats. It was very difficult; This authentic documents maintain, because usually only calorie invoices templates, but the following could be determined: l. pork is enormously fat. This results in the usual pork eaters obesity (obesity), which can be degraded in the association with other load of pork (slime shares) only with difficulty. This operation is equivalent to including the “protein mast” according to Prof. Wendt.

2. fat is always associated with cholesterol. By cholesterol the Cholesterinbeladenen large molecules are formed in the blood, which are responsible for high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, as additional factors for cardiac and circulatory disorders of the coronary vessels and the vessels in the periphery, especially in combination with nicotine (smoking). Also, cholesterol in the walls of cancer cells can be found (according to Prof. Roffo). 3. Special hazards assume the sulphur-rich connective tissue substance, the Mukopolysascchariden (amino sugars, chondroitin sulfate, Hexosamines, Glukos amin and others), which have especially slimy character. A spreadable sausage is only with pork prepare, where sulfur-containing substances such as Chondroitinschwefelsaure and Mukoitinschwefelsaure, amino sugars and Hexosamines are responsible.

You cause a slimy Brittling of the connective tissue and mating here with the next deposit fat (so called “Cenapse” after Macheboef). The result is a strange, only with pork eaters in “Rubensscher splendour” characteristic in appearance Brittling of the connective tissue, which also absorb like a sponge water and gives the typical pillow-like distention of the connective tissue of a pork eater. 4. the importance of the growth hormone there are still some other important factors in pork, deserve the attention.