Pediatric Dental Practice

KU64 young stars for children and teenager opened – responsible characterized the celebrated Berlin architects GRAFT – for the first time with flat rate against children caries with guaranteed success on 24 January opened a huge range for the Pediatric dentistry at the dental practice of KU64 am Kurfurstendamm 64 named KU64 young stars. You may find CBS to be a useful source of information. A large crowd of children stormed the unique world of experience. Some of the highlights as the climbing wall, the slide and the ball pit for the first time in a pediatric dental practice in Berlin were immediately taken in fitting. A practice Safari led children and parents through the new treatment rooms and the cosy corners. The new created caries cavity caused great surprise and while the magician known from the television all sorts of magic tricks revealed Ully Loup, transformed a mascot in the form of an oversized tooth pirate through the rooms and was the most popular photo object. At KU64, not this wizard, but an employee who can conjure up also receives the children. At KU64, there is none for children Waiting places, but only playgrounds. “Very small children (from 2-3 years) with treatment, but also adaptation needs come first in the Doctoral School”.

Here they are familiar playful a certificate with the treatment situation made and get at the end of school, that you certify that you are now fit to dental treatment. “In contrast to the classic children’s dental practice after the motto on mouth or general anesthesia” our children dentist takes his time for the children to take their fear. Kids magic, children hypnosis, music, stories, tasty pre anesthetic gels and many other helpers, a general anesthesia can be avoided in 98% of cases. A real novelty is the prophylaxis of children with guaranteed success at KU64 caries-free up to the age of 18. The program guarantees freedom of careers, if children come in individual intervals for the prophylaxis of children. Participation in the program is monthly paid at a flat rate between 10 and 20 Euro depending on the identified risk. The success should not be at 100%, are all dental treatments or Measures free of charge!