The need to establish contact offerers and plaintiffs, whether for products or services, was born the concept of classified ads. This concept would include those sections organized by categories to facilitate the search for ads, which teachers in principle of a short description followed by the offeror contact details. The first appearances of these sections date back to the 18th century, when some American newspapers began to create paragraphs, where for a monetary amount ofrecianla publication of notices organized by categories. This system of advertising was gradually evolving worldwide and were born the first magazines and periodic especializadosunicamente in classified ads. Many of these journals provide the publication of ads for free for advertisers, then charging an amount for the sale of copies sussus. In turn, also find journals in a sector, where advertisers, usually professional sector, pay for their announcements, for then the empresapoder offer copies free of charge to interested readers.

In any case, this kind of print advertising involves maintenance (printing, storage, distribution) costs, and these costs have to be covered, either by the offeror or the plaintiff’s. In addition to the problem of maintenance costs, we found other deficiencies as the publication of ads without photos in the majority of cases or the possibility of expanding information articuloso services once the magazine has been printed. Since the advent of the internet, many were portals who opted for the theme of classified ads, creating a real revolution regarding the publication of articles and services.To have lower maintenance costs, these can offer both the publication bidders like reading free of charge to both jobseekers. Many are the advantages that offers us this new digital age. Easy handling thanks to the structuring by categories, possibility to see the date of publication of the notice in time real search for articles by keywords or even see the popularity of the advertisements of the item or service in which you are interested. Besides the advantages in terms of cost and usability, thanks to these portals and their scopes of statistics, today can be accurate barometers to analyze trends in the purchase sale items and bid on-demand services.

According to the last registered barometers, is known that in this last year the provinces with the highest number of transactions are Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga. From 23.00 hours is when greater number of requests-respuestasse place. And with greater affluence categories are those of furniture for the home, clothes, computer, pets and spare parts. Also have you checked as the buying and selling of items has increased significantly from the stage of crisis, many are who have needed to break off any membership by publishing an announcement in Internet to earn extra money, as well as those who have used this type of portals to find any item at a much more affordable price.

PHP Companies

This article is for those who are looking for new hosting services. When we develop projects on the Internet choosing a good hosting service is one of the most important decisions we can take: If our site doesn’t work, our business does not work. If it considers that the functioning of your Web site is important and you want to find real solutions to the most common problems of hosting, this article will give you 10 reasons to choose an international Hosting company. 1. Companies of Hosting work internationally have Data Centers in various locations to provide a better service to its customers.

In cases of hardware failure, the system automatically redirects traffic to the Data Center more nearby. Do not allow your hosting company falls and slow connections may affect your business. 2. By having different Data Centers, backup procedures will always be insured. In case of any kind of accident, the data will be kept safe in a remote location. 3.

The Hosting international companies have online support and in this way it is possible to manage the aspects relating to your account every day, 24 hours, not depending on non-working days or time zones. 4. A support team will provide support by phone or email when you need it: every day, 24 hours a day. 5. Due to the variety of customers located in different continents, the international Hosting companies are prepared to offer a very flexible service. In all cases the response time is fast to meet the needs and expectations of customers. 6 International Hosting companies offer support for various programming languages. 7 They offer support to multiple databases as well as PHP4 and PHP5. 8 Teams of specialists perform daily updates of software and hardware based on new technological developments and updates to ensure maximum security of servers. 9. The companies of Hosting international count with experts in all the technical procedures necessary for migration to the new server can be performed smoothly and within a minimal timeframe. 10. The majority of the companies of Hosting International have their own community online where users can communicate and share ideas of business among themselves. Starting an Internet business is not an easy task, and choosing a good Hosting company international among thousands of possibilities is a fundamental task to run your business. There are many companies that offer excellent hosting services. Feel free to search and choose the one that suits your needs.