The knowledge m fashion branches GmbH in Goppingen is additional routes in its expansion strategy. Goppingen, Germany, June 25, 2009. Although the number of WISSMACH has increased over the past 10 years to 540% from 40 to 250 stores stores, is still no end in sight for the fashion entrepreneur Dr. Dieter knowledge m. Hear from experts in the field like Coen Brothers for a more varied view. WISSMACH with the Bielefeld textile shopping Federation Katag cooperates now. The collaboration foresees that the Katag AG their 380 clients knowledge MACH as a brand with a vertical management system offers 100% and thus generated new sales areas for the fashion company of Goppingen. The Katag AG is for us.

the most competent partner in this field” So Dr. Dieter knowledge m. We expect an increase in the number of retail space in the double-digit percentage range!” Especially in times of economic crisis, the trade looks new, fair land partnerships or alternatives to unprofitable existing partnerships, to keep the economic risk so small as possible. The benefits are obvious but knowledge do with his effective is and rapid logistics system an ideal partner. His dealer competence proves the company for years through the management of own 250 stores. The collections are clustered in so-called modules. WISSMACH tipped his partner areas of core competence of retail collection with an average of just 20 pieces per square meter.

Another advantage for the area partner arises from the system and data-driven control of the area via SLSRPT and INVRPT, as well as through weekly merchandising of the partner areas with pictures to the sample area and window decor suggestions. WISSMACH offers a maximum input calculation in the deduction of 60% (gross) at maximum selected conditions. The computationally generated spreadsheet is 53% with an average copy quota of 15% (gross) tee. To start, interested Katag distributors receive a free promotional package, which shop posters, display material and advertising from the testimonial campaign contains with Magdalena Brzeska. So that the area can emotionally charged and the goods speaking to be staged. The knowledge Wissmach modefilialen GmbH was founded in 1991 by Dr. Dieter knowledge m and has evolved since then to one of the most successful and most expansive chain stores for women’s fashion in whole Germany. WISSMACH is currently positioned with 250 stores very well in the market and want to put in the next few years based on this clearly on pace of growth. Already millions customers appreciate the elegant, sporty and feminine fashion, which presents itself in monthly changing collections annually. The 1923 founded Katag AG is the largest buying group for textiles in Europe according to own. The family-owned company takes over the shopping and services for more than 380 customer companies – mostly upscale, traditional shops – with approximately 1,200 locations. The KATAG AG offers its partners in the trade system-oriented, profitable, attractive brands collections for competence departments, UI concepts and shops.

Eltville Process

By recognizing up to do: Basics for a successful change strategy Eltville – Erbach, 2nd October 2013 – apply as the basis for a successful change strategy always predefined conditions they have a clear path to the design of the change process. The question, who are exactly the changer, which should actually make the extensive process and have to often not answered. A recent study shows the Mutaree GmbH, define the persons necessary for the success of the change project in companies where change processes take place, only 56 per cent. Where a clear communication at the beginning of the process is as important as the definition of change teams as a basis for the process of change. All processes of the executives should be initiated and continually accompanied actively to make the change to change projects in companies on successful legs. The inner attitude to a positive place to have this early are anchored in the minds and inspire. The study shows that 62 percent of the executives want to actually implement a change process. The management team not with vigor to the development of the process is involved, but it is harder to make all employees including jump on these hierarchies on the train.

The desire to promote our experience staff get involved only in a change process, if they are thematically already picked at the beginning. Only after you are dealing with its role in the process of change, or want to also then assume the necessary responsibility and exert a direct influence on their future. One does not recognize future, you get them,”says Claudia Schmidt, Managing Director of Mutaree GmbH. with this management motto employees also can create solutions or initiate changes even and are an important part in the change process”. So a top-down change management in many companies is the rule, however, good work can be done also opposed.