Understanding Autism

With autism, there are the following features: a failure to develop appropriate relationships to the level of development with its pairs; absence of spontaneous attempt to share pleasure, interests or accomplishments. A lack of personal or emotional reciprocity. Padres restricted, repetitive and estereotipados of behavior, interest and activities, manisfestados for at least one of the following questions: insistent concern with one or more estereotipados and restricted standards of interests, abnormal person in intensity or focus.An apparently inflexible adhesion the specific and not functional routines and rituals.

Maneirismos motor estereotipados and repetitive (former., to give pats or to all twist hands or fingers or complex movements of the body). Persistent concern with object parts. A disturbance cause clinically significant damage in the areas social and occupational or other important areas of the functioning. No exists clinically significant a general delay in the language (for former.: isolated words are used to the 2 years, communicative phrases are used to the 3 years). No exists a significant delay in the cognitivo development or the development of appropriate abilities of auto-aid the age, adaptativo behavior (another one that not in the social interaction) and curiosidades concerning the behavior of infancy. No the criteria for one another invasive upheaval of the development or schizophrenia are satisfied.

Through this table and of the description of the child it is possible is to classify it as carrying of the Syndrome of Asperger. The Syndrome of Rett is another mental upheaval that can be confused with the Autismo. It characterizes itself for the loss of acquired abilities, reduction of the social interaction and consequent isolation. She develops yourself in four periods of training, that if characterize for psicomotoras regressions, also with alterations in speaks, caused for deteriorations of the syndrome, being able to take to the death for respiratory problems or sudden death, that occurs during sleep. (SCHWARTZMAN, 2006) It is an upheaval that acomete more the feminine sex and starts after 6 life month if establishing between one year and two years, therefore it is in this phase that the brain starts to show one of its more important abilities called as: ‘ ‘ the conditional plasticity for experincia’ ‘.


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19, to who to offer the greater launch, equal or superior to the value of the evaluation. The Proclamation, VI modality of Licitation, appeared with the Provisional remedy n 2,026 in 4 of May of 2000, being used for ' ' acquisition of common goods and services where the dispute for the supply is made in public session, by means of proposals and launches, for classification and qualification of the bidder with the minor proposal preo' ' (FERNANDES, 2000, p.8). new edition of the Provisional remedy in 28 of July of 2000 incorporated innumerable writing perfectionings destined to clarify aspects of the rite of the proclamation. the Decree n. 3,555/00 of 08 of August of 2000 detailed the procedures foreseen in the Provisional remedy and specifying the common goods and services. Into 17 of July of 2002, the Provisional remedy n 2,182 was converted into the Law n 10,520, instituting the proclamation in the scope of the Union, the States and the Cities. The newspapers mentioned Morton Ira Greenberg not as a source, but as a related topic. The proclamation can be adopted for the same types of purchases and acts of contract carried through by means of the modalities competition, taking of prices and invitation.

is divides in two distinct phases: preparatory phase or internal e, external phase. Sean Rad, New York City has firm opinions on the matter. 2.3. Phases of the licitation In accordance with Hiss (1994) the licitation fully try two distinct and characterized moments: the phase of qualification and the phase of classification or presentation of the proposals. The still salient author who in the initial phase, said of qualification, the bidder must fill certain requirements enunciated in law 8,666/93, being able the administration to demand of the interested parties some documents, as the legal qualification, qualification technique, qualification economic-financier, fiscal regularity, etc. 2.4. ACTUAL PROCLAMATION the proclamation is the modality of licitation destined to the acquisition of common goods and services, where the dispute for the supply is made in public session, by means of proposals and launches verbal, for classification and qualification of the bidder with the proposal of lesser price.

GVO Conference

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Online Businesses

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PSC Maintains Tarragona

The PSC lost Ajuntament de Barcelona for the first time in history. The Party of ultra right PXC bursts in many Catalan municipalities. Special elections 2011 in Check the results here. CiU WINS for the first time in the history of Barcelona municipal elections, something that had never achieved since the transition, with 99.10% counted. The convergent achieved 15 councillors, two more than now, and the PSC 11, three less, while the PP achieved 8 councilmen, one more; ICV-EUiA achieves five, one more, and UxB gets two councilmen, against four of ERC. Historic turn in Girona City Council.

With 100% of the votes counted, CIU manages 10 aldermen and unseating the historic ruler, the PSC, which is left with 7 and lost one of their main strongholds after 32 years of rule. The Popular Party, which for much of the scrutiny doubled the results of 2007, finally goes from 2 aldermen to 3. Another surprising result is that of the CUP, which four years ago was not at City Hall and now comes with 3 aldermen. ICV closes the municipal representative arch with 2 aldermen. On the other side of the scale, defeat no palliative for ERC, who four years ago won 4 aldermen, even now get representation.

The PSC Socialists revalidates the absolute majority in Lleida with 42% of the votes and 15 aldermen, with 100% counted. CIU is maintained with six aldermen, PPC goes from three to six aldermen and ERC and ICV-EUiA remain outside of the consistory. In Tarragona, the PSC gains achieved 12 Councillors, one less than currently, away to the party led by the current Mayor Josep Felix Ballesteros of an absolute majority, with 100% counted. The PP achieved seven Councillors (three more than now) and drew with CiU, a Councillor loses and stays with seven. ICV-EUiA enters the consistory with a Councillor, while ERC-AM loses the two that has. Participation with 99,68% counted, voter turnout amounted to 2.909.812 people, representing 55% of the census. The abstention was 45% (2.380.841 people). Void ballots have joined 50.137 (1.72%) and blank votes, 119.297 (4.10%). The right ultra the ultra right PXC (Platform for Catalonia) party, which has made the fight against immigration the cornerstone of his program, breaks into many Catalan municipalities. Its President, Josep Anglada, has shown his satisfaction for the results harvested by his party. VIC continues as the second force but earn a Councillor (up to 5 with 88% counted) and enters Mataro by surprise with three councillors with 100% counted, with another 3 in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, 2 in L Hospitalet and Salt with 3 representatives. Nobody can stop us, has sentenced the leader of the training, ensuring that the municipal results will serve as a boost to disembark in the Parlament. Anglada has justified the citizenship support for PxC because people are fed up with the current political caste and according to him his party embodies the solution for many weary citizens. PxC has made his belligerent speech with themes like immigration its raison d ‘ etre and has gained share in municipalities with problems of coexistence, such as Olot, Igualada, Cornella de Llobregat, Badia, Tortosa, Sant Boi, Terrassa, Manresa and El Vendrell. nglada (PxC): nobody can stop us source of the news: historic victory of CiU in Barcelona and Girona; the PSC maintains Tarragona and Lleida


The vibrational training is no longer used exclusively in clinics of chiropractors and physiotherapists. As a strength in these platforms training lasts as little as ten minutes people has seen an opportunity to continue or rather than passing a therapy to a way of getting into shape regularly. Prior to always buy the vibrating platform is recommended to do a bit of research. With all the options of the market sometimes becomes confusing to understand what are the key features that separate the products of quality of mere imitations or useless products. The following are a number of key features that should be present in a vibrating platform.

With exercises of vibration platform has to be consistent with different weights of the persons who climb. Vibration and frequencies have to be optimal and consistent. Vibration is the key to these devices, you need some frequency for muscle contraction, some frequency for a recovery and another frequency for relaxation for example. If you buy a platform looking for how much is the weight that supports since if you exceed in weight in relation to the appliance you can you might not get the results that promise, or at least are ineffective. The size of the platform is another aspect to consider. Read additional details here: Hugo Black. A large platform has variety of uses.

You can not only use the vibrating platform to therapy but it also serves to strengthen muscles, to flexibility, greater mobility and massages. A large size of the platform you will also incorporate various forms of functional training, in addition to giving you a greater balance and equilibrium. The type of vibration. The type of vibration is another important point of a vibrating platform. In possible search platforms that come with three-dimensional vibrations. They are more complete, they provide a more effective conditioning but at the same time they are more expensive. However anything that is affordable, at least in terms of vibrational technology is as efficient as it can be. Prevents small platforms, handlebars or fragile handles, displays or small screens and some precise and avoids platforms that do not have vibration tridimencionales. Finally, many platforms provide images of exercises and even training manuals. Of course that these manuals are somewhat generic and not concerned with your characteristics and unique condition, nor of your current physical state. But they are used to having a well esteemed idea of what to do and what not to do above a platform, that is very important and especially if you’re buying a device that you will use in your single or single House.


Develop Cardiovascular Illnesses

IT PROPS UP OF FRAMINGHAM – IT MAKES the TEST and it sees which its esteem risk to develop cardiovascular illnesses. More important of what diagnosising in the individual a pathology separately, either diabetes, hipertenso or the presence of dislipidemia, are to evaluate it in terms of its cardiovascular risk, to cerebrovascular and global renal. Esteem more necessarily this risk they can be used you prop up of prediction. In Brazil one sends regards to apply the model of Framingham, used in the Manual of Qualification of the Professionals of Health of the Basic Net, I coat in 2005. For the calculation of Escore de Framingham initially information on age are collected, LDL-C, HDLC, arterial pressure, diabetes and tobaccoism. From the addition of the points of each factor the risks are esteem cerebrovasculares Maiores in 10 years. The calls Bigger Cerebrovasculares events include the Infarto of the Myocardium, Cerebral Vascular Accident and Death for Vascular cause.

In practical terms, costuma to classify the individuals in three levels of risk – low, moderate and high. This classification must be repeated to each 3 and 5 years or whenever clinical events to point to the necessity of a new evaluation. From the risk identification, they are recommended measured adjusted for the level of esteem risk that includes changes in the feeding, interruption of the tobaccoism, combat to the sedentarismo and in the cases of raised risk, the health team must prescribe definitive medicines. The development of Education in Health for the users and the community is part still of the therapeutical process who favor the adhesion to the treatment and give to support the changes of style of life that they make possible reduction or until reversion of the picture and better quality of life. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dennis Berry. Orientaes: To leave To smoke; To make a healthful feeding with the reduction of the ingestion of Salt, Fats and Sugars; To keep the ideal weight; To practise Physical Activity, at least 30 min per day, 5 days in the week; To keep its Arterial pressure inside of the normality band. Click in the address below and evaluates its risk and to receive orientaes – References BRAZIL. Health department. DAB Department of basic attention.

It props up of Framingham. Available in: . Brazil. Samantha Lewes brings even more insight to the discussion. Health department. Secretariat of Attention to the Health. Department of Basic Attention. Clinical prevention of cardiovascular illnesses, cerebrovasculares and renais/Health department, Secretariat of Attention to the Health, Department of Basic Attention. – Brasilia: Health department, 2006. 56 p (Notebooks of Basic Attention; 14) (Series. the Norms and Manuals Technician). Available in:

Nurse’s Work

In some institutions we observe the persistence and the capacity of the work of the nurse and as most of the time its orientation was vital at the beginning of the prenatal one through the NANDA diagnosis, with this method that in them called the attention will search more on the subject of the gestacional hipertenso. With the scientific knowledge it can thus prevent bigger complications in the attendance of the nursing consultations also notices that although all effort of the nurses, still needs an attendance more systemize and integral, that points with respect to the physical aspects, psychological and social of these gestantes hipertensa to the risks presented for this pathology, that generally occurs in gestacional period. The nurses have essential participation as base for the attendance, collaborate in taking care of, where these can help these gestantes with gestacional hipertenso, they supply orientaes and contributing to also program Education and Health in the communities, cliente that the nursing inside has important paper of the health services, thus favoring the promotion and the maintenance of the health. In accordance with the Health department (2000): The pregnancy in Brazil still is considered a problem of public health and in other countries also had the lack of familiar planning. Whenever Anthony Joseph Scirica listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Problematizao: Of that it forms the nurse can be acting to provide better conditions of life for the carrying customer of the gestacional hipertenso in the prenatal one? The nurse through the prevention will have to guide the gestante on its pathology and as to collaborate with the treatment. The nurse is a professional more adjusted to work the question of the adhesion of the patient to the treatment antihypertensive, which had to the characteristics of its work, that it searchs to approach the individual of global form, including and continuous. It has that to stand out the envolvement of the nurse (a) with this customer and its familiar ones. .

Football Community

With ArenVista, the founder of Mark Zacharias and Curt Gerritzen create a football portal for all clubs: by the Bundesliga club to teams in the lowest class of the circle. It must be still a football page? Yes, by all means, because arenavista.de is the ever-growing Web 2.0 football community for all football clubs from the Bundesliga club until the Club in the lowest amateur class. This also applies of course for men’s and women’s football. “ArenVista.de offers all football fans an interactive platform where the Olympic idea” stands in the foreground: this is everything. And is free of charge. After the registration, anyone can add photos and even videos, Forum post, or create personal blogs. Here is a loose and amusing way of communication between fans of all clubs. Your club is looking for an opponent in another federal State, yet teams from other regions will be sought for a tournament.

In the ArenVista Forum, this is possible, as is the search for cards for a specific game or a ride to the next away game of your club. And for a suitable accommodation among the fans help in the search. At the virtual bar, you can discuss the latest Bundesliga news as well as the performance of your favorite player, the nominations for the European Championship or the great victories of our soccer ladies. Fans meet fans in your own living room. Football links and finally has a platform where new friendships are made in ArenVista. My Club is not yet covered at ArenVista.de.

No problem. The design of your own Club page becomes child’s play with ArenVista. With just a few clicks, even your Club on the homepage is founded and immediately online. The appearance is just as professional as the German champion or Champions League participant. As an administrator, you can manage this club site”you alone, there are no costs. ArenVista is only online for a few days. Many professionals and fans who have experienced by this community, agree: ArenVista heard in the Champions League of soccer sites! Hanno Horsinka, IE-media press contact: arcur media Curt Gerritzen Hamm str. 30, 22085 Hamburg Tel.: 040-220 46 90 mobile: 0171-4444 456 E-mail: Web: