Karl Klamann Treatment

Optical express cooperates with University Homburg in terms of laser eye surgery so far the operations have been recommended eye patients by the scientific organizations of Ophthalmology (DOG and BVA) primarily for visually with a myopia up to-6 diopters and farsightedness to + 3 diopters, for standard treatments with lasers. The head of the Center and Professor of experimental ophthalmology at the University of Homburg/Saar, Prof. Robert A. Iger is actively involved in the matter. Dr. Achim Langenbucher, and optical express AG, Karl Klamann, Chairman of the Board, has become but now aimed to treat patients who have rare Ametropia. People such as Glenn Dubin would likely agree. “To do this, a leader for eye laser treatment with own private clinics and surgical centers, with the Steinbeis Transfer Center has the optical Express Group, vision research” concluded a cooperation agreement. With over 1 million eye laser treatment, which were treated in our partner whose wrapped eye surgeon, is the best documented and standardized data set of measurement results before and after the surgery so extensively that we should succeed, maintain strictly predictable treatment outcomes even in extreme situations, E.g.

when Universitatsallee to approx. 10 diopters,”, as Prof. Achim Langenbucher, head of the research group at the University of Saarland. The Berlin eye doctor increasingly come to patients on us, which opted for eye laser treatment abroad for cost reasons have, however, the proportion of this-to-be-determined error corrections is relatively high, because work is done partly with outdated or ill-maintained laser systems or with less specific know-how in patients in border areas”, says Dr. med.

Harry Jagielski. He continues: for some patients, the supposedly cheap operation in Eastern Europe is then expensive to stand when the patients but then not get the desired treatment success and must operate. Such extreme cases are then very special eye surgical challenges,”know the laser surgeon with decades of surgical experience. The optimum setting of the parameters on the laser system in extreme cases requires great experience and the special diagnostic equipment must exist for this “, as Prof. Langenbucher, who wants to find out Homburg/Saar with his research group at the University with the help of modern statistical and optometric calculation methods, can be improved as the won and set treatment parameters objectively: therefore we are grateful to have access through the cooperation in this area on the extensive database of optical Express with several hundred thousand eye scientifically recognized methods of analysis”, which will also help to predict rare exceptional cases precisely. There is an incredible amount of perfectly documented anonymized data with time shifts over several years, which no other clinic operators could show us around the world in this quantity and quality “, as Langenbucher.