Mistletoe Therapy

Case of mistletoe therapy in cancer treatment – mistletoe error was made when the ARD programme ‘hard but fair’ in the alternative cancer therapy, there are still many errors that require much attention and effort reflected a holistic research in the future. One of these errors is the overvaluation of mistletoe therapy and thus their improper insertion in a treatment plan. In the broadcast hard, but fair”by 7 11 concerned possibilities of cancer treatment. Andrea Sixt, author and artist, reported on their experience with a combination of constitutional homeopathy and mistletoe. Despite her accurate report has the transmitter already during your presentation in a short introductory film the mistletoe therapy as an alternative “to chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Carola Remer often says this. Apart from the false dualism (either chemo or radiation or mistletoe) I must stress that the mistletoe as a sole application in most cases not even for a sufficient strengthening of the self-healing powers of Sick is suitable. Mistletoe therapy as a base application in the sense of promoting heat organization, as Rudolf Steiner has suggested this therapy, needs to be supplemented in most cases with a constitutional homeopathy.

Namely, mistletoe therapy can provoke problems with the Constitution out which can then get their solution through constitutional homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy and mistletoe therapy methods for strengthening self-healing powers, they can be viewed however hormone therapy or radiation therapy in many cases not as exclusive replacement for chemotherapy. Misrepresentation of the significance of mistletoe therapy can harm many patients, because they go out in their treatment plan misconceived, which can cause often deadly consequences. It is the task of the transmitter, to eliminate a potential danger resulting from the misrepresentation. A successful collaboration between mistletoe therapy and homeopathy see also by the .