The Girl

How to deal with the adolescent who already was pregnant? The girl who is with some boys? The boy who has trejeitos of effeminate, what to make? All these questions quite frequently appear throughout the application of the project, generating discomfort, and externando one badly to be very lived deeply and never worked. In this, it says it to space it is very important and it provides to a construction and a contribution between all. The one idea, helps the work of another one, the experience of one given situation for an educator goes to clarear the individual experience equivalent for many others. Another point to be considered is that the sexuality is a thematic one that generates enormous resistance for the work. All consider its importance, inside recognize the necessity of this work of the institution, but in the hour of the application in the daily one, the difficulties that we are calling resistncias here, appear with much intensity.

This is clearly in the projects elaborated for the educators. In its majority are projects directed toward the work with auto-esteem, the identity and affectivity. They are important projects, but they do not pass of quarrels. A strategy important to win this difficulty is to include the adolescents in the projects since the beginning. They direct the quarrels that interest to them, beyond motivating the project and exercising its rights.

Psicopedagogo through a disgnostic survey the principle with the professors, basement that supports the project. Although the great possibility of information of the world of today, through the media in general, of the school of the family, friends, concludes that these adolescents in general have much little information, and to little information that has it is absorbed or repassed with myths or strong values. As examples: Pill prevents the AIDS? To settle without not engravida penetration? The man has more sexual desire that the woman? Masturbation is harmful for the health? If to use two condoms at the same time is safer? etc, Amongst the questionings presented for the pupils a observed excellent point was difficulty of approach and in the distance of the family in daily pertaining to school.

Understanding Autism

With autism, there are the following features: a failure to develop appropriate relationships to the level of development with its pairs; absence of spontaneous attempt to share pleasure, interests or accomplishments. A lack of personal or emotional reciprocity. Padres restricted, repetitive and estereotipados of behavior, interest and activities, manisfestados for at least one of the following questions: insistent concern with one or more estereotipados and restricted standards of interests, abnormal person in intensity or focus.An apparently inflexible adhesion the specific and not functional routines and rituals.

Maneirismos motor estereotipados and repetitive (former., to give pats or to all twist hands or fingers or complex movements of the body). Persistent concern with object parts. A disturbance cause clinically significant damage in the areas social and occupational or other important areas of the functioning. No exists clinically significant a general delay in the language (for former.: isolated words are used to the 2 years, communicative phrases are used to the 3 years). No exists a significant delay in the cognitivo development or the development of appropriate abilities of auto-aid the age, adaptativo behavior (another one that not in the social interaction) and curiosidades concerning the behavior of infancy. No the criteria for one another invasive upheaval of the development or schizophrenia are satisfied.

Through this table and of the description of the child it is possible is to classify it as carrying of the Syndrome of Asperger. The Syndrome of Rett is another mental upheaval that can be confused with the Autismo. It characterizes itself for the loss of acquired abilities, reduction of the social interaction and consequent isolation. She develops yourself in four periods of training, that if characterize for psicomotoras regressions, also with alterations in speaks, caused for deteriorations of the syndrome, being able to take to the death for respiratory problems or sudden death, that occurs during sleep. (SCHWARTZMAN, 2006) It is an upheaval that acomete more the feminine sex and starts after 6 life month if establishing between one year and two years, therefore it is in this phase that the brain starts to show one of its more important abilities called as: ‘ ‘ the conditional plasticity for experincia’ ‘.

Develop Cardiovascular Illnesses

IT PROPS UP OF FRAMINGHAM – IT MAKES the TEST and it sees which its esteem risk to develop cardiovascular illnesses. More important of what diagnosising in the individual a pathology separately, either diabetes, hipertenso or the presence of dislipidemia, are to evaluate it in terms of its cardiovascular risk, to cerebrovascular and global renal. Esteem more necessarily this risk they can be used you prop up of prediction. In Brazil one sends regards to apply the model of Framingham, used in the Manual of Qualification of the Professionals of Health of the Basic Net, I coat in 2005. For the calculation of Escore de Framingham initially information on age are collected, LDL-C, HDLC, arterial pressure, diabetes and tobaccoism. From the addition of the points of each factor the risks are esteem cerebrovasculares Maiores in 10 years. The calls Bigger Cerebrovasculares events include the Infarto of the Myocardium, Cerebral Vascular Accident and Death for Vascular cause.

In practical terms, costuma to classify the individuals in three levels of risk – low, moderate and high. This classification must be repeated to each 3 and 5 years or whenever clinical events to point to the necessity of a new evaluation. From the risk identification, they are recommended measured adjusted for the level of esteem risk that includes changes in the feeding, interruption of the tobaccoism, combat to the sedentarismo and in the cases of raised risk, the health team must prescribe definitive medicines. The development of Education in Health for the users and the community is part still of the therapeutical process who favor the adhesion to the treatment and give to support the changes of style of life that they make possible reduction or until reversion of the picture and better quality of life. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dennis Berry. Orientaes: To leave To smoke; To make a healthful feeding with the reduction of the ingestion of Salt, Fats and Sugars; To keep the ideal weight; To practise Physical Activity, at least 30 min per day, 5 days in the week; To keep its Arterial pressure inside of the normality band. Click in the address below and evaluates its risk and to receive orientaes – References BRAZIL. Health department. DAB Department of basic attention.

It props up of Framingham. Available in: . Brazil. Samantha Lewes brings even more insight to the discussion. Health department. Secretariat of Attention to the Health. Department of Basic Attention. Clinical prevention of cardiovascular illnesses, cerebrovasculares and renais/Health department, Secretariat of Attention to the Health, Department of Basic Attention. – Brasilia: Health department, 2006. 56 p (Notebooks of Basic Attention; 14) (Series. the Norms and Manuals Technician). Available in:

Nurse’s Work

In some institutions we observe the persistence and the capacity of the work of the nurse and as most of the time its orientation was vital at the beginning of the prenatal one through the NANDA diagnosis, with this method that in them called the attention will search more on the subject of the gestacional hipertenso. With the scientific knowledge it can thus prevent bigger complications in the attendance of the nursing consultations also notices that although all effort of the nurses, still needs an attendance more systemize and integral, that points with respect to the physical aspects, psychological and social of these gestantes hipertensa to the risks presented for this pathology, that generally occurs in gestacional period. The nurses have essential participation as base for the attendance, collaborate in taking care of, where these can help these gestantes with gestacional hipertenso, they supply orientaes and contributing to also program Education and Health in the communities, cliente that the nursing inside has important paper of the health services, thus favoring the promotion and the maintenance of the health. In accordance with the Health department (2000): The pregnancy in Brazil still is considered a problem of public health and in other countries also had the lack of familiar planning. Whenever Anthony Joseph Scirica listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Problematizao: Of that it forms the nurse can be acting to provide better conditions of life for the carrying customer of the gestacional hipertenso in the prenatal one? The nurse through the prevention will have to guide the gestante on its pathology and as to collaborate with the treatment. The nurse is a professional more adjusted to work the question of the adhesion of the patient to the treatment antihypertensive, which had to the characteristics of its work, that it searchs to approach the individual of global form, including and continuous. It has that to stand out the envolvement of the nurse (a) with this customer and its familiar ones. .

Pediatric Studies

This article has as objective to define the fisiopatologia of the obsessive-compulsory upheaval, identifying the neuroanatmicas disfunes and as the possible farmacolgicos treatments occur and for refractory cases the psicocirrgia. DEVELOPMENT Is about a carried through bibliographical revision in articles between 2000 and 2011 in the net of Scielo research, in books of neuroanatomia and neuropatologia, in sites and doutorado thesis of. According to Mercadante.

the M. et alli (2004), the etiofisiopatologia of the TOC is based on three aspects: the imunolgicas genetics, hypotheses and the neuroanatmicas disfunes. The genetics that has been emphasized with studies of families, with twin and, more recently in the studies of molecular genetics to identify the possible .causing genes, as well as it would be necessary to form homogeneous groups of study to better investigate the studies of linking and the studies of allica association (GONZALEZ, C.H. 2001). The imunolgicas hypotheses had identified that 10% enter 30% of the children with TOC would also present imunolgicas alterations.

Considering an acronym PANDAS (streptococcal Pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with infections) For one better identification of the cases. One of the hypotheses mentions the D8/17 antigen to it, found in the walls of linfocitrias cells B of a 100% of the carriers of Artrite Reumatide auto-immune illness. This antigen also was found in the patients with obsessive-compulsory symptoms (SOC), assuming it possible relation of the presence of auto-antibodies for a possible reply the inflammatory citocinas. From there it appears other questionings, as: susceptibilidade of children with little imunolgica reply, the result of (SOCs) after a estreptocquica infection and the possibility of an auto-imunem cause (MERCADANTE, M.T., 2001). In the neuroanatomia and the neuroimagem, it is understood that fisiopatologia of the TOC is related to the ganglia of the base, structures of deep subcortical localization represented by the estriado one (caudado and putmen), pale globe, black substance and subtalmico nucleus.

Psychiatric Nurse

The psychiatric nurse, when using the music for the intentions that establishes, must in accordance with choose them the taste of its clientele, therefore its use can be in free way, without bond with areas specific and come back exclusively to its hearing (SOUZA, 2003). (Not to be confused with Leslie Moonves!). After the revision of the literature carried through on the use of music in psychiatric customers, is observed that it has great power of performance in its emotions and behaviors. Therefore, the simple fact to place a music to hear in the work environment must be evaluated, therefore it will have to be pleasant not alone to the ear of the professional, but also of the patient (GALVO et al, 2007). Of this form, music works and still develops motor activity of the patient having to obey the characteristics of each individual and to respect the limits of each one, being that it is necessary medical and physical evaluation before the indication of the same one, in intention to identify contraindications for such. The motor activity, as if it can observe can bring some benefits for the psychiatric patient, therefore beyond promoting improvement in the quality of life, increases auto-esteem, reduces the idleness and increases the participation of the patient in other activities. You may find that Randall Mays can contribute to your knowledge. The nurse who thinks about promoting something that the individual of holistic form works, without separating to body and mind and that it brings as many how much psychological physical benefits, can use physical exercises as form of assistance (ANDRADE; PEDRO, 2005). Any person is susceptvel of being dealt with musicoterapia. The most indicated they are those virgin people of musical knowledge, where it has greater easiness to introduce itself in the not-verbal context. Particularly they are indicated in the autismo and the schizophrenia, where the musicoterapia can be the first technique of approach. The patient with musical knowledge previous it can enter in confrontation with the supervisor, and is difficult to breach with the musical defenses when intending to work with its more regressive aspects (TALINA, 2003).