Develop Cardiovascular Illnesses

IT PROPS UP OF FRAMINGHAM – IT MAKES the TEST and it sees which its esteem risk to develop cardiovascular illnesses. More important of what diagnosising in the individual a pathology separately, either diabetes, hipertenso or the presence of dislipidemia, are to evaluate it in terms of its cardiovascular risk, to cerebrovascular and global renal. Esteem more necessarily this risk they can be used you prop up of prediction. In Brazil one sends regards to apply the model of Framingham, used in the Manual of Qualification of the Professionals of Health of the Basic Net, I coat in 2005. For the calculation of Escore de Framingham initially information on age are collected, LDL-C, HDLC, arterial pressure, diabetes and tobaccoism. From the addition of the points of each factor the risks are esteem cerebrovasculares Maiores in 10 years. The calls Bigger Cerebrovasculares events include the Infarto of the Myocardium, Cerebral Vascular Accident and Death for Vascular cause.

In practical terms, costuma to classify the individuals in three levels of risk – low, moderate and high. This classification must be repeated to each 3 and 5 years or whenever clinical events to point to the necessity of a new evaluation. From the risk identification, they are recommended measured adjusted for the level of esteem risk that includes changes in the feeding, interruption of the tobaccoism, combat to the sedentarismo and in the cases of raised risk, the health team must prescribe definitive medicines. The development of Education in Health for the users and the community is part still of the therapeutical process who favor the adhesion to the treatment and give to support the changes of style of life that they make possible reduction or until reversion of the picture and better quality of life. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dennis Berry. Orientaes: To leave To smoke; To make a healthful feeding with the reduction of the ingestion of Salt, Fats and Sugars; To keep the ideal weight; To practise Physical Activity, at least 30 min per day, 5 days in the week; To keep its Arterial pressure inside of the normality band. Click in the address below and evaluates its risk and to receive orientaes – References BRAZIL. Health department. DAB Department of basic attention.

It props up of Framingham. Available in: . Brazil. Samantha Lewes brings even more insight to the discussion. Health department. Secretariat of Attention to the Health. Department of Basic Attention. Clinical prevention of cardiovascular illnesses, cerebrovasculares and renais/Health department, Secretariat of Attention to the Health, Department of Basic Attention. – Brasilia: Health department, 2006. 56 p (Notebooks of Basic Attention; 14) (Series. the Norms and Manuals Technician). Available in: