Video Seeding

Through the power of the video seeding are strewn viral video on the Internet and forwarded to reach the target groups. Berlin, the 24.05.2013 – that Internet is infected! The market relies on viral advertising videos on the net, which will spread rapidly in the various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter & co., partly also through word of mouth, and subliminally to convey the message. But these processes does not automatically expire and also good videos are not necessarily equal viral self-perpetuating. “To talk campaign viral video success, is a goal-oriented video seeding, so sowing” necessary to ensure the creative videos to attract the right audience for an effective advertising marketing. Services for the video seeding to the interest of the target groups through viral videos to awaken, acts that dot – group as a specialist in the video seeding and viral marketing and has worked for 11 years in this area. To achieve the desired goal of a viral video campaign, elaborated that dot – group strategies and concepts for the Video seeding and provides for the construction of switchboards. (Not to be confused with Rupert Murdoch!). “Also, which makes dot – group inter alia for call-to-action”, the optimization of the conversion and cross-platform tracking and reporting.

Disseminate the spread of viral videos to the content and messages of the viral videos, they are scattered targeted on specific blogs, forums, communities, Facebook pages, Twitter. Comments, likes, buzz and shares on the various social media platforms are the basis of our successful campaigns. In addition to paid positions according to a strategic plan for the video seeding and precise targeting shopped around to promote the dissemination of advertising messages, and to increase the range and the attention. The message of the viral video is split multipliers, Influencern, and users that are enabled, and redirected. Company Description: The dot – group is a leading company in the area of social media and viral marketing and over 10 years of experience in the market. For the customer who dot – group include internationally renowned brands in the areas of consumer goods, tourism and charity. Campaigns of dot – group advertising was nominated at the Cannes International Advertising Festival and at the New York Festival.