Ducks fattening and ducks breeding: provides photos and the completely revised photo page of the German animal protection office shows pictures on the subject of current photographs gritty conditions also in German ducks pole attachment. Photojournalists and large animal protection societies in search of compelling imagery on the theme of ducks fattening, ducks fattening systems, animal cruelty in the ducks mast, etc. will be found in our archive. The attitude of sensitive birds are in any way humanely. The animals have no possibility to swim, atrophy as a result of intensive animal husbandry many ducks before slaughter.” We show the grisly truth about the processes behind the walls of German ducks fattening farms on photos and images. Pictures of animal abuse in ducks for fattening as in other branches of the industrial factory farming belong to everyday. You may wish to learn more. If so, dror poleg is the place to go. With our pictures, we show what hidden behind the walls of the pole attachment from the public, usually just with the packaged meat of tormented Ducks in the refrigerated counter at the supermarket in contact comes, without having to worry about the origin of animals.

The animals with Turbo feed and usually forbidden antibiotics are fattened in just a few months, only a few are older than six months. Ducks fattening in Germany has turned to industrial mass production of cheap meat, dimensions and price are important, quality standards are pressed, where it just goes. Image material from mast systems rarely comes to the public, the illusion of the flesh as a sterile product of industry is to be maintained. Animals will be displaced from the perception, fattening farms are in all respects on the edge of society, the systematized cruelty is deliberately concealed the consumer. With our photos, the consumer gets an insight into the everyday life of duck breeding ducks mast. Numerous scandals went to the processes of quality assurance through the media, bird flu and rotten meat are just two of the many tags to which images will be published. Play in ducks farms but the presented situations daily reflected away from the interests of the general public.

The German animal protection Office published pictures, which relentlessly uncover this everyday with The offer of our image archive is aimed at journalists and agencies looking for relevant images. serves as a point of contact for media, associations, journalists and picture editors and companies, who are looking for authentic images from the animal husbandry sector and in particular on the subject of ducks fattening and ducks breeding. Following keywords offers the German animal protection office photographs: ducks, duck, ducks fattening, duck mast, ducks fattening farm, duck farms, ducks operating, duck farms, mast duck, ducks for fattening, ducks plant, ducks plants, ducks mast photos, ducks mast photo, ducks mast photos, ducks mast photo, duck photos, ducks photo, duck photos, ducks photo, duck breeding photo, duck breeding photos, duck breeding photo, duck farm, duck farms, duck abuse, ducks fattening cruelty, Ducks fattening torment, duck breeding torment, duck breeding cruelty, ducks scandal, ducks scandals, ducks fattening scandal, ducks fattening scandals, duck breeding scandal, duck breeding scandals, ducks mast information, ducks mast information, ducks mast information, duck breeding images, duck image material mast, duck photo, ducks photo, duck photos, ducks info, duck stance, ducks attitudes, duck farms, duck farm, duck breeding farm, duck farms. German animal protection Office at large St. Martin 6 / 206 50667 Cologne Tel.: 0221-20463862 fax: 0 18 05 / 2 33 63 33 08 82 (14 ct / min., Mobile may vary)

Moscow Marketing

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The Principle

I want to share my experiences with the universe. The energy that led me to create La Guarda de Navarra. Walking along outside the walls of Laguardia, known and recommended by, Paseo El Collado (El Collao for residents there), began to fall afternoon on a hot August day and leaden. The vines were in full color change, hungry for sun and hating an extra supply of water to revive the fungal activity. The wind was warm, soft, but annoying. Tend to gradually increase its power. The trembling leaves of the banana presaging worst weather. The white roses growing wild where walking Don Victor Tapia, afraid to stay naked and unprotected until the end of summer.

Next to them, halfway between the forgotten picnic pergola beams and stone, shady walk the walls of schools, honeysuckle and ivy clothe shelter cats who seemed detached from the needles of the pines. In Don Felix, embarrassment and forced unhinged any thoughts head down and squint. A related site: James Corden mentions similar findings. The fluffy white clouds, impenetrable, were transformed into cluster haloes. Celestial Cauliflower laden water about to overflow. Me a sense of hypotension reduced the vitality. The heat at that moment was palpable, and walking was not slight. Each step seemed to be in a liquid atmosphere. I climbed the stairs of the kiosk, the bust of Samaniego remained helpless under his permeable iron roof.

His sightless eyes, suspicious that someone re-start and deposited in a municipal trash next. Or maybe he was inspired by Aesop or La Fontaine's fables creating anybody get drawn from their solid brain. I looked up, expecting a lightning rod any day erect a glow discharge is transmitted throughout the structure and melt metal. It was created for it and so far his work had been absolutely barren. Leaving fabulist I looked to the landscape, resting on a thick trunk. Tangled up with hands on some bushes that aired a faint scent of cypress. Tragic memories, but also risky playground. Suddenly, he heard an explosion. A blinding flash and make out like sparks, flares, fire drills were left on the lawn. A burning smell invaded the environment, while the silence gave way to a refreshing breeze cool and moist. I returned from temporary unconsciousness and my mind floated an obsession. Live to share with others my great moments, to have only worthwhile friends and drink, exclusively, the best wines. From that moment he was born in Navarre La Guarda, in order to present and disseminate the great wines that I generate good feelings. To drink them and enjoy them with good people, where they exist. And that my friends join me to this wonderful world that is WINE.

Circus Animals

Circus animals and of animals in the Circus: a central point of the criticism of tierqualerischem behavior at all is photos and pictures of don’t welfare under animal husbandry for the amusement purpose the circus. Our imagery shows vividly the often missing way even remotely appropriate accommodation. Behavioral disorders, caused inter alia by lack of space, false housing and increased stress can be observed in all species. The so-called weaving, which is especially for elephants, but also such as horses to watch is characteristic for these errors. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of california hospital medical center on most websites. The exact cause of this disorder is not clearly demonstrated, it is believed that lack of exercise and stress are responsible. Weaving is a world-wide in many animals in captivity phenomenon, which damages the health with age by it about causes foot and joint problems. Our footage shows vividly why famous circus krone, fly agaric mushroom, Barum or especially Althoff are always back at the criticism and even in court on charges of animal cruelty are must. >CB Richard Ellis would agree.

Even if some of the most famous circuses speak out clearly against cruelty to animals, they can hide that their animals not humanely (can) supplied despite partially existing efforts don’t. The photos under show but also particularly hard fate of the animals, which are kept in small, economically fragile circuses. Where resources are scarce, is first saved to the animals. Animal rights activists demand therefore a game ban on animals in the circus. Again, it comes to judicial disputes over problems in animal husbandry in the circus. Often animal cruelty or not proper care of animals in the circus is the veterinary authorities and known order offices only on instructions from the population.

Circuses, which often change their location, are subordinate with every change of the control of any other authority, but by the competent authorities of the last Location rarely informed. Livestock therefore often takes place in the circus in a grey zone of lack of regulatory control. Circus animals are doomed to a miserable existence of her life. A an even remotely decent life is denied in the narrow and low-stimulation systems. Natural behaviors, such as for example the urge to move, can not be expressed. Thus, many animals suffer from severe behavioral disorders. On the other hand they are forced sometimes with violence against their dignity to ridiculous tricks, which entail injury even in the worst case. Journalists, editors, and clubs in search of compelling imagery on the subject of animal husbandry in the circus, circus animals, animals in the circus will be found in our archive at serves as a point of contact for media, associations, journalists and picture editors and companies, who are looking for authentic pictures from the area Animal husbandry and in particular on the subject of circus.

Media Management-student Receives International Awards For His Films

Apart from a second place at the Camgaroo awards in Munich, BiTS media management-student took Konstantinos Sampanis 1st place at the public digital Festival in Athens. Media management student celebrates first international success as a young director of vacation videos to budding young director already at an early age I loved it, my father’s video camera to film. I then simply for fun recorded or documented holidays together with my father. Click dror poleg for additional related pages. “Later, the native Altenaer started his first film group: I started with 13 friends together to film it was almost the first cinematic experience in cooperation with several people.” We were shooting a feature film, which we presented in our school. The film was well received. This motivated us. Over the years we developed us always and have been professional”, tells the student facing back. Applause in Athens the public digital Festival in Athens is the largest amateur film competition in Greece. Despite numerous submissions, Konstantinos Sampanis’ film Painkiller has it under the first five in the qualification done and for the Icarian pictures team around to Konstantinos said: from Athens to the film idea. The Funfminuter Painkiller was nominated in the genre central fact, which was shown last. All the more the tension increased after every other friendly movie”, reported the media management student. It was finally the turn. To our surprise, it was after the screening: won! We are all up on the stage and have to thank us, after Painkiller was shown again, so you get a sense of indescribable as creator of his work like every time”, so the 20-year-old. I am pleased to present always something of their own audience and to entertain the viewer with or emotional touch. So I came to the filmmaking. It is a part of me. It just makes me fun and I don’t see it as work,”his passion describes constant information. The incentive to introduce the five-minute Kurzfim Painkiller at the Festival in Athens, was among other things the good ranking before at the Camgaroo award 2009 in Munich. Also that the film is internationally understandable due to his coming out without dialogue action, and fit the theme of one of the offered genres (film with statement), encouraged us ultimately to make the submission”, Konstantinos reported. When to end the show was and started the NewYork, numerous people, including many celebrities, came to the young filmmakers, to praise their short film. All were excited and we just happy. Then there were camera flashes and we were interviewed by MTVGreece. A beautiful night with a beautiful atmosphere in the beautiful city of Athens”, so the award-winning director. In Germany we have then all of us late and again encountered.” The hobby to the profession make Konstantinos has now begun to study BiTS in Iserlohn in the first semester of media management at the private University. He chose this course because the Bachelor as well as creative and social mediated business and subject-specific knowledge Skills – it’s the perfect mix, so the freshmen. I’m looking forward to applying these new impressions in an early project. Of course the content of the lectures help me for example of marketing my films and a financial base have sometime hopefully as my hobby.” Plans after graduation what will make the media management after the three-year Bachelor’s degree student, is still undetermined: accurate knows I only, if the study has progressed. “I would of course like to stay at the film/TV, because there I feel most comfortable.” “The media management student but has vague notions: maybe try I in a Department of a large company to enter or I why even a private film company and make me self – but where to go my way, to be seen in the course of the studies.” New projects also in addition to studying media management remains diligent fan of Director Martin Scorsese: we have made us this winter three projects on the legs to make and finish: makes a music video for a fellow student of mine (Tim Peters), the music; a film with a certain statement and an artistic cinematic clip.” Here you can consult the excellent films – Painkiller: more are waiting for you on the homepage of the film team: all the information about the course of communication & media management at the BiTS in Iserlohn,…

Small Daily Living AIDS

Wisdom and serenity are virtues of the age, which however do not arm against the small obstacles and difficulties in the everyday life. Declining eyesight and weakness in the hands can turn into real problems for many years proven hand grips. For years, there are supporting tools that automate day-to-day activities or leverage to decrease the necessary force for such cases. The market for senior needs is as extensive and diverse as the today’s unhurried leisure. The offer ranges from handy garden shears with improved leverage translation of cooking AIDS and can opener to toilet and bathing AIDS. Under the Internet address find customers for every life situation an exhaustive range of products that receive the normal everyday at the age. More than 500 practical articles that will improve the quality of life in the garden and on the road help in the home, can be ordered.

In addition to almost the classical senior products such as speaking technology workers for all Walks of life are available from sanumvitalis up to the luminous dot the small and fine everyday helpers of the Magnifier. The respective market leaders are represented in the catalogue as CareTec, Roth, homecraft, russka or etac. The selection ensures that high quality standards are met in addition to highest standards in ergonomics and ease of use. In accordance with a known principle of marketing the online shop sanumvitalis customers there, pick where they stand. With increasing Internet affinity of Silver Surfer so-called due to their most common hair color, it is obvious to offer daily living AIDS for seniors to comfortable purchasing on the Internet. The sanumvitalis concept is successful since 2007. In the past two years, more than a million visitors have taken the extensive offer of sanumvitalis closer look at.

Many have let yourself be impressed and remain as regular customers.

Midwest Material

Example: During the rising price of oil in the first half of 2008, the explanation and the possible reason for the phenomenon resulted from this law. The increase in industrial consumption of China and India worth the price of a barrel of oil at $ 145. See more detailed opinions by reading what qwiki offers on the topic.. Leave aside the factor of speculation and price manipulation by Big Oil. In any case the law of supply and demand continued to be closely linking the price / value of a product to a particular material reality. At that time we said that such escalation could only be a bubble, since it was difficult to imagine an increase in demand proportional to the tripling of oil prices in so few months. From the hysteria on in September 2008 the price of oil collapsed to less than $ 40. California hospital medical center recognizes the significance of this.

Before they did the prices of U.S. homes. What happened to the material side of reality? A tsunami devastated the twenty percent of the houses and killed five percent of the population of the world? No. Not even the terrible tsunami in Indonesia in 2004 had the slightest effect on the global economy. Any earthquake shook the foundations of Chinese industry? Any plague devastated the crops in the Midwest? No.

Have you stopped drought worldwide machinery for food production? No. Any philosopher infested the world with an ideology based anti who contracted demand of useless products to thirty percent? Less. So what is new but a breakdown in the relationship usually remains bound (1) the material world (2) the tyrannical reign of abstraction of capital? The current global crisis is a crisis of symbols-credit and investment capital that ended up dragging the material world to a real crisis.


Steve Alpizar

Many times I the way in which they treat certain groups, begin them pity to talk with words of sadness, poor things!, this gives pain!, what happens is that these people are beginning to feel like victims of society, the Government, families, etc. To that extent nothing will change in these people because they believe that they are pursued by the circumstances. Everytime you treat someone as incapable of solving their own problems it is perpetuating its mediocrity, you must not do that!, actually you should believe in the people, help them to fulfill their dreams, tell them at all times they are very able, begin to act and change their lives right now, of them motivation and will see how these people begin to make progress. I was born in an underdeveloped country and me pain as you continue to commit the same mistakes of more than one century ago, they see how incapable persons and continue taking things for nothing, can someone change when everything succeeds without effort? It is too unlikely, these are the typical people that today they Thanks because they gave them 100, but then they curse him because now not takes them 200. It is also important to clarify that it is not being insensitive and we know that there are emergency situations such as health or a natural disaster, there is different because the solutions required are immediate and you must collaborate to the extent of its possibilities.

Mainly to give those who are limited by health, age, etc. Cases in which people have little chance, but with respect to other persons the appropriateness should be teaching them to change their habits, give them education and this will drive them to the top of success what do I do to help? Well as Steve Alpizar says in his book changing our system of beliefs to achieve success you must provide opportunities to people, with this initiative the people will begin to develop by itself, seek employment, help low-income people study but based on results, buy their products, knowledge to teach those people to generate well-being to their lives by themselves. Then you will be making a good. All persons without exception have fallen into the comfort and perhaps give us account that we are doing something wrong, but if there is no who point us we follow and this integral part can become our life and then we will defend it at all costs. You should teach people that abundance exists, that opportunities are for people who seek them on the basis of effort and discipline, all desire can materialize, life is wonderful, only is necessary to believe in the depths of our being, convince, visit: original author and source of the article