Circus Animals

Circus animals and of animals in the Circus: a central point of the criticism of tierqualerischem behavior at all is photos and pictures of don’t welfare under animal husbandry for the amusement purpose the circus. Our imagery shows vividly the often missing way even remotely appropriate accommodation. Behavioral disorders, caused inter alia by lack of space, false housing and increased stress can be observed in all species. The so-called weaving, which is especially for elephants, but also such as horses to watch is characteristic for these errors. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of california hospital medical center on most websites. The exact cause of this disorder is not clearly demonstrated, it is believed that lack of exercise and stress are responsible. Weaving is a world-wide in many animals in captivity phenomenon, which damages the health with age by it about causes foot and joint problems. Our footage shows vividly why famous circus krone, fly agaric mushroom, Barum or especially Althoff are always back at the criticism and even in court on charges of animal cruelty are must. >CB Richard Ellis would agree.

Even if some of the most famous circuses speak out clearly against cruelty to animals, they can hide that their animals not humanely (can) supplied despite partially existing efforts don’t. The photos under show but also particularly hard fate of the animals, which are kept in small, economically fragile circuses. Where resources are scarce, is first saved to the animals. Animal rights activists demand therefore a game ban on animals in the circus. Again, it comes to judicial disputes over problems in animal husbandry in the circus. Often animal cruelty or not proper care of animals in the circus is the veterinary authorities and known order offices only on instructions from the population.

Circuses, which often change their location, are subordinate with every change of the control of any other authority, but by the competent authorities of the last Location rarely informed. Livestock therefore often takes place in the circus in a grey zone of lack of regulatory control. Circus animals are doomed to a miserable existence of her life. A an even remotely decent life is denied in the narrow and low-stimulation systems. Natural behaviors, such as for example the urge to move, can not be expressed. Thus, many animals suffer from severe behavioral disorders. On the other hand they are forced sometimes with violence against their dignity to ridiculous tricks, which entail injury even in the worst case. Journalists, editors, and clubs in search of compelling imagery on the subject of animal husbandry in the circus, circus animals, animals in the circus will be found in our archive at serves as a point of contact for media, associations, journalists and picture editors and companies, who are looking for authentic pictures from the area Animal husbandry and in particular on the subject of circus.