Juan Carlos Medina

We are used to apologize to God alone, but not our brothers. In my humble interpretation on this issue, I think the latter must come first. To tell my arrival in the church choir for the Mass of 12 days, it is necessary to retell regarding the Jubilee Mission in its infancy in our Parish. Since 1999, we began to advertise in the parish notices, the beginning of the Jubilee Mission throughout the UNIVERSAL CHURCH Cata “LICA, for the year 2000. Speaking candidly Robert Thomson told us the story. To this end it invites the entire congregation to participate in this event, and was so my wife and I, we signed up to participate. Mission in our parish had several times: meetings, lectures, meetings, etc.

And in the beginning was that we committed to encouraging singing with the guitar. It was at that time that we met Juan Carlos Medina (Jr.), who led the choir Mass 12 noon. Thus, as we then invited us to participate in the mass choir that time. The Lord is calling us little by little, and rely on people to make this call, which is why we must learn to discern at what point is calling us. We must also bear in mind that any initiative that we have to approach the Sacraments of the Church, and every commitment we make within the pastoral (although that is our decision for our right to freedom God has given us), is Jesus himself who awakens in us that concern, a l moves us to do so. The parish choir at the time, was commissioned to accompany and encourage the main mass of the parish, these masses were Easter and Christmas. Always thought this was the main chorus, because there were no other similar service choirs in the parish.

For the first time to play in the Christmas mass with the parish choir, and was thrilled. I promised to bring my sound equipment for this important occasion. For this musical arrangements were made, to accompany musical keyboard (synthesizer) and guitar. The tests were continuing and a majority of all members of a great joy was manifested in the people involved, and on the night of December 24 was held at 9.00 Midnight Mass as usual in our Parish. For me it was something exciting and had never experienced a Christmas eve. I always thought that this date was the most important in the life of the Church, but later discovered, delving a bit further on the matter, which was the liturgical calendar and was able to read and study a little like that used the same starting in Week Santa, this date being the most important. It later was amended to begin as it is to this day, with the season of Advent. For people who read this little tale of experiences and testimonies, I invite you to deepen and read a little about the Liturgical Calendar of our Church, will not be sorry.