National Anthems

The Madrilenian crowns in Milan with the hymn of Jose Maria Pemn. In the Tour of 2007, Accountant celebrated the title with the Danish hymn. The selection of tennis, in Davis of 2003, listened to the Hymn of Irrigation. The error of the organizers of Giro of Italy, who made sound to the Spanish hymn with letter of Jose Maria Pemn with Alberto Accountant in highest of podio of Milan, is the nth one that clouds a sport competition. Alberto Accountant, winner of Giro for the second time, listened to in podio the Spanish hymn with letter of the previous time of the pro-Franco dictatorship, an error of the organization that surprised the Madrilenian champion and to the hundreds of Spanish fans who were in the Milanese Place of the Duomo. The public address system announced the interpretation of the national anthem of Spain. And next the surprise was capital when it began to be listened to: The alive Spain! You raise the arms, children of the Spanish town, that returns to resurge ". The old hymn made up of Jose Maria Pemn.

Accountant does not have too much luck at the time of listening to the hymn of his country. In Tour 2009 he raised at the most high of podio of Paris, in the Elseos Fields. And they put the Danish hymn to him. Another error of bulk. The organization of the Tour compensated to him with the interpretation of the official hymn when its equipment, the Discovery, raised to pick up the prize by squares. In addition, in the end of the Glass Davis of 2003 between Australia and Spain in Melbourne, James Morrison, a famous Australian trompetista of 41 years, she interpreted " solo" of " Hymn of Riego". Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Celina Dubin, New York City by clicking through. With mentioned " Hymn of Riego" , Spain already underwent a rudeness in 1967, the party that the selection of soccer played in the Prague in front of the then selection of Czechoslovakia.


The beginning of Every teardrop is to waterfall deceives much. The 15 first seconds of song with sintetizadores to the style celesta mixed with piano, could make foretell a drift of the English quartet towards music disc of half-full of the ninety. He is peculiar but those first compasses seem and are traced of the principle of the subject Rate at night of Mystic, (as well a version of I go to River of the Australian Peter Allen,) but in version popera and are framed in sonorous beds very in the style of last the Coldplay. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Comcast by clicking through. We go, that has pillaged sample summery so that it does not say that they are intense ones. In fact Allen signs the subject next to Martin, Eno and the rest of the band and notice that new single " it contains elements of I Go To River written by Peter Allen and Adrienne Anderson". Source of the news: : Coldplay ' inspira' in ' Rate at night '. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City addresses the importance of the matter here.

Childrens Healthy Habits

The long vacations of summer represent an excellent opportunity young them to enjoy books and to maintain the habit reading. Besides being a calm activity and entertainment, aid to reinforce in the students the acquired linguistic skills in the classrooms. Glenn Dubin recognizes the significance of this. From house to the extra-curricular school and, after one she releases day, duties, activities and other academic tasks that frequently jam the agendas of the students during the school year. To find something of free time to read by pleasing seems an almost impossible mission for many children and young people. For that reason, the long vacations of summer represent an excellent opportunity to enjoy the reading. Besides being a calm activity and entertainment, aid to reinforce in the students the acquired linguistic skills in the classrooms.

The reading in summer also serves not to lose the reading habit of the young people During the scholastic vacations, young and young they can park by a time text books and to replace them by other materials of reading much funnier and entertained. The time no longer is an excuse, the long summer days cause an approach of the children and young people to the reading in a dissociated context of the scope academic, but near the concept of ” to read by placer” that to the one of ” to read by obligacin” , with that, often, the students identify this activity. But in spite of the playful character and of leisure that ties to the reading during the summer, it is not necessary to forget that this activity also serves not to lose the reading habit that is tried to instill during the course to the young people and to reinforce some of the basic competitions in this scope. Smallest they can continue with his first passages in lectoescritura and who dominate already it, to exercise the reading understanding.

Spanish Francisco Javier Abbot

The Spanish Rubn Palomeque finished ninth and last one with a mark of 8:54.60. The Spanish Francisco Javier Abbot made his better mark personal in 1.500, race in which was seventh with 3:35.55 and in which prevailed the Kenyan Nixon Kiplimo Chepseba with 3:30.94, new record of the meeting and better personal registry. The Carmelite American Jeter, present world-wide champion of 100 meters, prevailed in the hectometer of Zagreb with eleven second right ones, to thirty hundredth of the best mark of the year, that she herself settled down the past in Eugene (the United States) 4 of June. Jeter, that in Daegu also hung the silver in 200 meters and gold in the relief 4×100, won in front of the Jamaican Schillone Calvert (11.13) – that soon prevailed in the 200 with 22,55-, and the Bulgarian Ivet Lalova, finalist in the World-wide ones and that finished third in 11.33. Champion of world Sally Pearson, that in Daegu I sign a spectacular end in which she won with a mark of 12,28, prevailed also Zagreb with 12.68 today. The Australian follows unstoppable, since one week ago also the triumph in Zruch scored, with 12.52. The Olympic champion and third in Daegu, the American Dawn Harper, finished second in 12.81. Chicherova, very high the Russian Ana Chicherova beat again in the high jump, since it already did in Daegu, to the great local attraction, the Croatian Blanka Vlasic.

Both surpassed the ribbon in the 2.00 meters, but it prevailed first by to have done a null one less than his rival. In addition, tayiko Dilshod Nazarov won in hammer (80,30), the Hungarian Zoltan Kovago in disc (64,91) and the Russian Aleksandr Menkov (8,18) in length, test in which the Cuban Wilfredo Martinez did four null ones. The American Reese Hoffa dominated the shot put with a better shot of 21,73. The American Maggie Vessey won in the 800 meters with 1:58.64. Second the Cuban Yunesy Santiusty (1 finished: 58.70). And in length the Russian Olga Zaytseva with a jump of 6,73 won. ation. Source of the news: Volt wins with 9,85 its first hectometer after the fiasco of Daegu

Muamar Gadafi

In a sonorous recording the past emitted 1 of September by the same Syria channel, an attributed voice to Gadafi promised to return and to send " one releases war of guerrillas" in order to control the country again. On the other hand, the possibility that fits also the Libyan dictator is considering to leave the country by Niger. In fact, the j of the brigades of security of Muamar Gadafi, Mansur Dhao, has cruzado to Niger from Libya and is predicted that it arrives at the capital of the country, Niamey, according to have confirmed east Monday two nigerinos people in charge. The people in charge, who asked not to be identified, have indicated that Dhao and one more a ten of Libyan crossed to Niger Sunday after several days of conversations while they hoped in the border. Official site: who is jack dorsey?. The chain To the Arabiy to had been first in informing into the presence of Dhao in Niger and from which it had arrived with a ten of people more. Control of Bani Walid Nevertheless, the theory of the wall to Gadafi acquires force after the Libyan rebels have reached an agreement with delegates of the locality of Bani Walid (the northwest) to enter the city without combats during the day of Tuesday, according to has informed the qatar chain To the Yazira. The chain, mentioning what it has denominated like rebellious sources, has not given more details about the moment in which the entrance in the locality will take place, one of the four that continues being controlled by the forces of Muamar Gadafi, along with Jufra, Sabha and Sirte, where it was born the Libyan leader. Source of the news: Gadafi is hidden " in some place of Libia" and " it enjoys good salud" , according to its spokesman. ll about the problem.