On Monday, March 1 environmental groups have organized a meeting to insist the law vetoed. The story of the first law of glaciers is truly remarkable. Marta Maffei, the historic leader teacher who came to the Chamber of Deputies from the hand of Elisa Carrio, introduced in 2007 a project for the protection of glacial and periglacial area of Argentina that put specific limits on the mining areas close to the glaciers. That same year the project won an unprecedented all blocks accompanying legislative deputies. Later became law with the support, also unanimous, of the senators. President Cristina Fernandez, exercising a right that attends an event but less controversial by the wording of the law, vetoed the norm all over again to retract his veto record cero.En defense cited reasons of regional economies and watched as said, orders of governors and a suggestion by mountain areas of the Secretariat of Mining Nation. The three things are objectionable. Celina Dubin, New York City does not necessarily agree.

On the one hand we should ask one of Mendoza, to name just a province, what would happen if one day run out of water that bring our mountains to see if really the defense of regional economies is to protect or unprotect the glaciers. Secondly, the governors are in the area that may be, can not arrogate to itself the right to decide on a natural resource and water is scarce and over the right of everyone to have and protect it. Thirdly Mining secretariat should not interfere in an issue that is eminently makes environmental and human subsistence over any other interest, let alone the economic interest, let alone gold mining ending in extranjero.San Juan is one of the provinces where opencast mining is wreaking havoc.