Network Financing offers more service through extensive information for self-employed persons Competition: seeks the best websites from the sectors of automotive, catering, retail, construction and tax consulting as a financing alternative for self-employed persons with increasing acceptance of Berlin, 21.06.2010? There are a number of funding opportunities for self-employed persons. In each alternative has advantages as well as disadvantages. Unfortunately, the knowledge of the various aspects is very difficult to access. Therefore it has become to the task, to introduce all popular forms of financing independent and compact. It aims to enable a quick and simple overview of self-employed. Innovative alternatives like factoring and financing of participation will be presented alongside classics such as current account credit and subsidised Bank loans. Away from the hard facts are also self-employed persons to Word, which speak in detail about their experiences and thus give an insight into the practice. More about it information under: 1927 + credit for Selbststaendige.html since many self-employed constantly expand their activities on the net, would like to with an exciting competition that for automotive, catering, retail, construction and tax advice best industries Web sites for professionals from the sectors of the economy.

Under, you can vote until June 28, 2010 about the best Internet pages from their respective sectors. With the extensive range of information of the fact reflects that almost one-third of the loans on for commercial financing will be awarded. Reason for this growing acceptance is that smava simple, fast, and cheap financing as a clever alternative to bank credit offers. Filed under: doug imbruce. Smava, is Germany’s largest credit exchange and offers an online platform where they can make money directly to each other for borrowers and investors. the smart alternative to banks is smava borrowers and investors, because they are share the usual banking interest margin and as conditions get better. Borrowers benefit from low interest rates and the possibility to settle their credit at any time free of charge. Investors benefit from a higher rate of return than interest in other forms of investment.

In addition, investors receive a social rate of return, since they determine when smava itself, what projects they support. The smava GmbH is a German company headquartered in Berlin, which was started by an experienced management from the financial and Internet area.