Hamburg Protection

Hamburger Carrotmobber storm on September 29 the whole grain bakery Effenberger and nature / revenue flow to the Green Fashion Shop Marlowe 100 percent in climate protection holds twice better. This also applies to climate protection. Therefore two car red mobs take place on the 29th September 2011 in Hamburg at once. This time the Hamburger Carrotmobber calling nature to the targeted consumption of whole grain bakery Effenberger and Green Fashion Shop Marlowe and help the shop owners, specifically something to do for the climate. Because: 100 percent of the revenue obtained between 9 and 22 operators invest in energy-saving measures. For the first time the organizers of Hamburg car red mobs have addressed targeted shops that offer organic and fair trade products. Parallel to the car red mobs held various Community actions in the Hamburg Simmenauer.

“So that efficient measures are implemented with the proceeds, the campaign promoted by the Ministry for environment has climate seeks protection” for the Double Carrotmob the energy consultant and efficiency Planner Dipl.-ing. commissioned Carsten Heidrich. The expert advice was operators in advance to the page. His forecast: primarily in lighting and ventilation, there are two shops for savings. Winner of the climate protection campaign is the non-profit co2online GmbH. balance sheet: over 160 tonnes less CO2 per year 40 percent of CO2 emissions caused by our diets and our daily consumption.

With every purchasing decision we have great influence on what and what is produced. “We support car red mobs because they show consumers what power they have and that they each day on the new targeted can decide for climate protection”, says Steffi sour Ballesteros, project manager of the climate protection campaign. So far the car red mobs energy-saving measures were able to toast, which in the future over 160 tonnes of CO2 annually avoids. Our aim is that consumers remain active after the Carrotmob, and in future climate protection in their purchase decisions take into consideration”, as Sauer field.