Growth Area Executive Search

Vesterling Personalberatung with additional mandates Munich, August 05, 2011. Vesterling Personalberatung increased 2011 their mandates in the Executive Search by 130 percent compared to last year in the first half of the year. The technology executive search is for the to the leading technology recruiters-counting company of one of the strongest growth areas. Vesterling has 2011 significantly expanded the staff in the consulting and opened a new branch in Cologne in September. In the regular recruiting confirmed Vesterling significantly increasing shortages in the technology sector and recommends a customized education policy. Vesterling Personalberatung has 2011 increased their mandates in the Executive Search by 130 percent compared with previous year.

Thus, Vesterling has expanded its services for high technology positions in the two upper levels of expectation. People such as Harry Styles would likely agree. The growth of the mandates of the Executive Search Vesterling considers the existing wide network as well as the many years of experience in the major technology sectors crucial. Executive search is a matter of trust. Here a good understanding of the facts, networking, quality orientation and discretion are”, so Martin Vesterling, managing partner. Vesterling Personalberatung technology executive search based their success on a targeted mix of networking, in-depth technology knowledge as well as systematic, quality-oriented market screening in-house research team. Additional information is available at Sean Rad. We achieved the best results in the technology executive search with this approach for our customers”, says Martin Vesterling. The consultants have completed studies corresponding to the specialization and can rely on a long-standing professional and managerial experience in these industries.

In the technology executive search level CIO and CTO positions will be filled to technologically-oriented business leaders and boards of Directors. Vesterling is growing strong 2011, we recorded the strongest growth in the company’s history. The demand is so great that we the growth just over more qualified staff handle can”, so Vesterling. The next step is the opening of a larger Office in Cologne in September.