Executive Committee

Metro de Caracas. Imagine you! Workers and managers excluded by the Government and the current authorities of the subway, come together as they never did inside of the company, to provide a platform to fight and defend the values of the company that formed them and gave them work for many years. What little there is to thank this Government is achieving things that under normal circumstances would have never occurred. That is called a fair return of the founders, in view of the facts that gave rise to his departure from the company. He filled me also of great hope because from now and as workers, former workers, pensioners and retirees from the Caracas Metro, will be part of the Venezuela that an organized this making an opposition block to this Government equipement offender who has intentionally destroyed the jobs of thousands of families but in no way has been able to destroy their hope and courage.

Being outside the company under these circumstances, has proved to be an otherwise interesting experience and different. And not for now be unemployed by the work of the Government, but because he has allowed me the circumstance of sharing with the rest of the workers in a situation of exclusion of the Metro, citizen a clearly unprecedented experience as who lives the rest of the country, as it is a consciousness of a struggle in which in truth I invite you to participate to the extent of its possibilities. The essence of underground culture that completely changed my way of viewing and analyzing things in a sense I outlined a whole inside of the company. I try to explain that I mean: many years ago, when I was part of the Executive Committee of the subsidiary of a multinational company, was commissioned to write what was called, the elements of the corporate culture of the company, but adjusted to our idiosyncrasies, with our own values of corporate culture that made us unique in front of other subsidiaries in other countries.