Answer To The Cash For Clunkers And The VRT

The Advisor community members offer decision support and illuminate the current changes in the law. Munich, February 26, 2009 – the this year introduced cash for clunkers for cars over nine years old and the tax credits for new cars make for questions. Both issues are hotly debated in the Prevalent here action proposals and seeking advice receive practical responses around the themes of Government grants and concessions. The lively discussion in the community shows: The theme is pretty tricky. But there are already plenty of good answers and tips on questions like: get the cash for clunkers program for cars, which is less than the premium worth?, anyone can get the cash for clunkers program? and: when must the new cars be logged in to take advantage of the current tax advantage? The old car is scrapped only once, the next questions adjust immediately, for example, after the financing at the Autobank or better the own bank? But also give members good tips of the Advisor platform and bring light into the jungle of the car. Add to your understanding with Celina Dubin.

Since the launch in September of last year has established itself as a solid foothold in the Every week about 200 new members come and the 500 new questions added. Particularly positive: at the daily questions unanswered about a handful. We see very considerable discussion topics in our portals. are current issues arising from the tense financial situation at the Centre.

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