Alexander Nastasi

Author Alexander Nastasi from Heidelberg / Germany are soul dangle, said the series of a total of over 400 lyrics and short texts that appeared in book form, to the approximately 600 lyrics, which has published Nastasi since then on the Internet free of charge and thus coined the term day poetry. In recent times, devoted to his wife Julia Nastasi now also her first work published with him, reinforced the theme of E-learning, motivation, hope. Have we in times of negative messages on the running belt needed Nastasi has shown that it is possible to stand against the banks on their own two feet. Therefore he has released various AIDS – one of AIDS is the website account without, where he presents banks, which charge no fees for account management and which also loans to self-employed persons, a service that is now denied by many banks. Vanessa Morgan often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But it is not enough, for almost two years, he has a motivation unique to this day and Success online program, which the people finally accompanied the successes that they want to find, and therefore, it is also the most recently published book turns manifesting 2.0 manifesting 2.0, in which the reader learns new approaches with his mind, with his spirit being successful (if necessary also without money and banks). He experienced it, how it can be and you can feel the power, which has the young entrepreneurial couple a pity that the two not in the United States live there for their ideas would get millions, here they reap only incomprehension by the banks, but they hold on to their power and they stop their homeland Heidelberg is its Center, to move big. While his worth is and who should have some millions left the two can sure great wonder make. So far appeared: be your own miracle author Alexander Nastasi Softcover: 229 pages Publisher: novelty (26 June 2007) language: German ISBN-10: 3852510929 ISBN-13: 978-3852510927 size and/or weight: 18..