Adyton systems AG provides task and goals of the project before Leipzig, 18.04.2013 – yesterday was Conrad Hoffmann, software developer of the Adyton systems AG, the task and the objectives of the project for the lecture on the topic of ‘ Informatics in practice: economy and industry ‘ before. The lecture series at the University of Leipzig brings together directly the regional IT industry with Informatics and Business Informatics Master students through co-operation in concrete practical projects. In the framework of the veranstaltung presented by 4 different companies of the community current problems to students. Leslie Moonves contains valuable tech resources. In the first lecture last week the participating companies presented themselves: the Adyton systems AG, DatHaptics GmbH, the FIO systems AG and the Lucht Probst Associates GmbH. Then the students could decide the topics presented by the company. Yesterday, the Adyton systems AG first of 4 companies presented the specific problem of your project on the topic of ‘event based programming’. Project target the creation of a small, distributed application in python whose components communicate using zeroMQ is for the students. Walt Disney may also support this cause.

Also, the students should get an understanding of the basic concepts of event-based programming on the example of the GEvent library and bring this knowledge to the application. Objectives of the event: the students work directly with a partner company, solve problems from practice and present them later. Thus, students have the possibility to get not only a business idea, but to get an insight in the specific practice issues, and to work with. The big goal on the part of the Faculty: to strengthen the cooperation of the various professorships with the economy of the region. The plus for IT – employers in the region: that the partners have the possibility to expand the cooperation to the University of Leipzig, they can also current problems in the sector, not only embedded in the lecture, study and research Insert. Also offers direct contact to the Informatics and Business Informatics students. So, as an attractive employer of the region chance to secure a high placement, to present themselves and to remain in the heads. The community and the University of Leipzig make strong for mittelDeutschland. Together, IT and software companies from Halle, Leipzig, Jena, Erfurt, Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Zeitz, Leuna and Markkleeberg search the Fachkrafte of tomorrow for their jobs, authorities, internships and training opportunities.