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It tastes like overcooked squid octopus, that is very hard. But they have absolutely no fat. Tarantula. In Cambodia, a delicacy steep, almost like caviar to the West, is a big spider 'a-ping' – a species of poisonous tarantula. This is a signature dish of Skuon, which is near the capital country – . You may wish to learn more. If so, cajoo is the place to go. Do not be afraid terrifying spider species with large poisonous fangs, palm-sized adult male.

Before preparing a spider to find, get out of the hole and pull poisonous fangs. Thereafter Spider slowly roasted over an open fire (wood burning necessarily) with the addition of large amounts of salt and garlic. When black chitinous shell acquires a reddish-brown hue, a spider with a crisp and very soft inside is ready for use. To eat a tarantula preferably very hot, better hands. It tastes like chicken. Spider meat contains high-quality protein and almost devoid of fat. In addition, helps to relieve pain back and heal some diseases of the respiratory system.

Spider legs, belly and poisonous jaws are soaked in rice wine – it turns dark brown turbid liquid, which raises the overall tone. Lutefisk – a cod soaked in an alkaline solution to such an extent that the fillet can corrode silverware. Norway. Scorpions are also considered a delicacy. Scorpions eat, not only in Asia. In the elite restaurants in New York and Amsterdam pampered with exotic dishes from the audience are treated to a snack of cheese scorpion on the pillow, surrounded by lettuce leaves. There are scorpions better without the legs and head. The body inside is white, sometimes brown. By the time making it no longer toxic. In Chinese restaurants scorpions often cook for a couple and served on a thin pancake with a slight sour sauce and vegetables. The taste of this exotic dish a crunchy, if a scorpion inside is not empty, and has slightly bitter taste. In Cambodia, one of the most popular dishes are specially cooked grasshoppers. And still love grasshoppers in the United States, Missouri. To eat they must be roasted, better than hot, to fish or soy gravy, plentifully sprinkled with red hot pepper. Head and legs is better to separate along with the stomach. Paws – the food on the fan, they are edible, but there are unusually long, so you can not swallow, do not bite at first each half. The taste is somewhat reminiscent of fried potatoes with a kind of creamy, slightly sweet flavor. Grasshoppers are rich in protein, phosphorus and calcium. Pacha. Simply boiled sheep's head, which is considered a delicacy in Iraq. Caterpillar. Most of them are eating in China. These are small, yellowish larvae of butterflies that look like long springs and not hairy. Eat caterpillars should be well roasted. These insects are often cook in deep fat, paneer into the flour with salt and pepper. Then throw in the hot oil, almost like potato chips. So it is better preserved sweet mild flavor under elastic golden brown. Slightly salty taste, they resemble soft pumpkin seeds, empty inside, so almost no crunch. Caterpillars are very high in calories, since they rapidly become a sensation of satiety.