Tongue Acupuncture

Tongue acupuncture for the treatment of aphasia by apoplexy by acupuncture-Comunitaria.Org needles in the language? and to treat aphasia? Aim of study: to observe the recovery rate and time spent to treat aphasia by apoplexy using tongue acupuncture. Method: After applying conventional sterilization, with a 32 mm needle and 1.5 cun long prick in first instance certain specific points in the language, namely: heart, lung, spleen, stomach; Jiao top, middle and bottom; Liver and gallbladder. Next, use extra fine needles of 1.5 cun of long or three edges (of triangular body) needles to eliminate stagnation and stimulate circulation. Prick points Haiquan (point under the tongue, in the center of the frenulum) (EX-HN12) Jinjin and Yuye (HN13), Shezhu (BL23). Results: Of 19 cases treated, fully 15 were cured, three cases showed significant improvements and a case improved after two series of 20 treatments. A patient with encefalorragia He regained speech (spoken slowly) after two treatments. It was determined that in patients with cerebral infarction, to shorter time since they suffered the infarction, shorter time to recovery and healing. Conclusion: Lingual acupuncture not only works to stimulate the meridians connected to it and thus drain channels and collaterals; and regulate Qi and blood, but also work to nourish muscle and improve the functions of the language. Tongue acupuncture also helps vasodilation and improves micro-circulation, improves cerebral blood flow, and improving physiological functions them of the brain, thus altering the intrinsic pathological state of blood stagnation. Therefore, tongue acupuncture can offer rapid therapeutic effect in the treatment of aphasia by apoplexy.