The Transaction

That is to say, the transaction is not nico supposed of exportacin, but other assumptions like for example the mutuum, renting, provision and the comodato exist, among others compatible jurdicas figures in which a transfer of goods of a state exists properly towards another one. 3. The EXPORTS ONLY ARE NOT USED BY GREAT COMPANIES Exist diverse classifications of the companies, thus it is clear that it concerns clasificacin by which is classified to the companies according to the size of the same, thus we can affirm that slo the great companies are almost always those that export, to allow it the fact to have established branch, nevertheless, we must put record that a company small administered good can vlidamente export without problems, since it does not concern much the size of the company for the exports. And it is not even necessary not even to have branch enrolled in pblicos registries. To know more about this subject visit Brigham And Women’s Hospital. The exports are clear that they improve the economy of the exporting states thus we must study that the same only are not used by great companies. Whatever size of the companies is important to very consider the distribution of produced products or force of sales that by the way the same can be of the own one or the same company or third parties, being this ltimo case when it is placed the goods or services so that to other they place them companies in mecado. 4. IMPORTANCE IN the ECONOMY the economy assigns resources in frame of limited resources, thus is clear that it constitutes vitally important them lawyers to study the same ones, in such sense we will study the same. The exports improve the economy of the states, thus it is clear that they must be approved and to also execute polticas econmicas that stimulate the exports and that discourage the imports, which little is known on the part of the treaty writers, since slo is of this form can be improved the market.