The Illiterate Caretaker

THE ILLITERATE CARETAKER: PETER: Good Manoel night. MANOEL: Good night Peter. ANTONIO: Vocs wants to go with me to take beers? PETER and MANOEL: This is excellent friend, clearly that we want. MANOEL: Peter has how many times you works of caretaker in this building? PETER: Since when I came northeast. ANTONIO: When you came northeast? PETER: I only know that I am with 40 years and when I arrived here had 17 years. MANOEL: always liveed only, never wanted to arrange an friend? PETER: I do not go to deceive vocs, until to want I always wanted, more the difficult is not to arrange a certain person. ANTONIO: I have a neighbor that he would give certinho with you, a sossegada young woman, if he wants leaves house.

PETER: He presents it pra me. ANTONIO: Only that he has a small problem. PETER: That problem is this man. ANTONIO: The name of it is Marta, it if it lost with a youngster in the Pernambuco and the parents had banished from house it came to live here. PETER: This is not problem, if it to respect goes to promise me to try to live with it. ANTONIO: I go to invite to come to talk it with you. PETER: This the young woman invites well that I go to wait.

ANTONIO: Good day Peter, is the young woman here. PETER: You are the Maria who my friend Antonio spoke. MARIA: Yes I am. PETER: I look at young woman already am in the half age and am needing somebody to live together. My friend Antonio already said on you and if you to topar and to respect me go to join our lives. MARIA: Yes I agree.