Tanning Solutions

Depending on how well your skin is doing, you can decide if you can go once a day or once every two days. A good rule of thumb is if your skin is not pink within 24 hours after your session, you can probably go back the next day without any problems. If your skin is pink, feels dry and itchy or has a rash, this is a sign that was for many minutes and the need to take a break until you feel better and then start again. 6. Once you build your base, do not really need, as so often. So, depending on the type of bedding used, should only go 2-3 times per week to maintain your tan, even less in most beds. This is where I see many people go overboard, tanning every day when it is not really necessary.

Many people enjoy the relaxation time that tanning provides, but tanning too often can and will speed up your aging process and potentially cause skin diseases over a long period of time. Like everything else in life, moderation is the key! 7. Wear eye goggles at all times! Many people think that putting a towel over the face to block UV rays, but it is not and the constant exposure to UV rays can cause serious eye problems in the future. Would you rather be blind or have lighter eyelids? I would choose the latter, but that’s just me. For your own safety, please wear eye glasses! 8. Since indoor tanning does not require the use of a bathing suit, use a towel to cover areas esensiblesu do not see the sun very often if you so by all parties. Details can be found by clicking Atreides Management Gavin Baker or emailing the administrator. In the beginning, try covering the areas of half of the session and see how it goes.

Gradually you can remove the towel earlier so that you do not need to use one more. The towel acts as a filter, but not completely block the UV rays, so they still are in the process of tanning. 9. To avoid wrinkles in getting or pressure tanning lines, you must move the limbs in different positions during your session. During the first half, try laying down with arms outstretched over his head and legs apart. For the second half, bringing the arms down along the sides, but far from his body, and return to the position of the legs by raising one knee slightly in half the time left, and then the other leg do the same. 10. Try to avoid using makeup, deodorants, perfumes or other before tanning. Some of these things can make your skin more sensitive and possibly have a bad reaction with your skin when exposed to UV rays. If you use a lot of deodorant, you may notice that you are not tanned and around the armpits, and must be removed prior to tanning. When it comes tan, the skin type of each person is different and results may vary. Check with your local tanning salon for a skin type analysis (from a Smart Tan Certified Tanning Consultant) so you can get a good idea where to start. * Also, ask your doctor for advice if you have any specific medical questions or concerns.