Sports Equipment

Individual storage space for skis, surfboards, boats etc. 10:00 in the morning: the cloud cover breaks up and announces to a beautiful, sunny day. Fast everything is packaged together is missing only the canoe. This is self – storage\”provided below. Filed under: J. Daniel Mahoney. Within a few minutes the storage compartment is reached finally and the canoe quickly transported on the roof of the car. Because the elevator to the storage area can be reached directly by car. The day begins without any stress.

And in the evening? Until 22:00, the canoeists the Board in its storage of SelfStorage has time again\”to turn off. Similar to a typical scenario of a SelfStorage customers might look like. Represented is alone with nine locations, the Austrian company self – storage\”in five German cities. On average, compartments available available per site 800-1,000. Self\”there is so far in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Nuremberg and Frankfurt, as well as in Vienna, Graz and Zurich. In Wiesbaden, Germany and Stuttgart are already more under construction.

It is important that this is well connected at each site. In cities with multiple branches, the distribution and the location of the sites is chosen so that every city dwellers can reach its storage in about 15 minutes. The customers would quickly and conveniently to their compartment, know Martin Gerhardus, managing partner of self – storage\”. A multi-level security concept ensures optimum safety. Only customers of self\”can enter the site with your own code. In addition, each tenant has a key to his compartment and has thus sole access. Installed cameras and a private guard duty from 22 guarding the plant around the clock. We must no one feel uncomfortable or scared. All storage buildings are equipped with window and music from speakers also ensures a pleasant atmosphere,\”explains Gerhardus. Enterprise information self storage with comprehensive service Selfstorage means self storage. Customers rent her private, lockable storage compartment that they can enter almost at any time of day.