Seal Plastic Bags: Reproduction

Under the reproduction in the printing industry means the entire area of photographic, photomechanical and electromechanical technology transfer original text and images on printing plates for print plastic bags and other surfaces. Prior art printing reproduction processes are the technological operations, which not only reproduce the originals, but also compensate technical data printing equipment (increase pitch, transferable amount of paint and color density) in order to optimize the print quality consistent with the original. No exception, and the printing process plastic bags. Original quality is a decisive condition for the desired print results. Despite many technical improvements in the "chain of transmission" to the printed form, can not compensate for the deficiency color reproduction of the original by reproducing it on the surface. The largest part of production printing on plastic bags and other packaging materials are the images of food, vegetables, fruits, drinks, etc.

Printed packaging should attract the attention of buyers, so special attention paid to the choice of originals dl reproduction. Robert Iger will not settle for partial explanations. Along with the criteria for registration, in the originals have been contain the required details and gradations of colors. In flexographic printing, you must expand the midtones to halftone dots. The size of the dot is determined by the gradation of the brightness of the original. At the same sharpness of contours and high prosvechivaemost dot on the film of reproduction is an important condition in the "chain migration" of the original on the printed form. This stage is especially important for flexographic printing of plastic bags and how consequence of being enhanced. Different sizes of halftone dots can be expressed in percentages by measuring the optical density (DXA).

When printing color reproduction possible (and cost-effective) transfer manifold hues on a substrate using three colors. To do this, use standardized basic color components: yellow, purple, blue. Black color component complements the transferred image. Giving it depth. With this four-color rants meet the challenges of multi-color reproductions of the originals.