The vinyl or decorative stickers are a trend star in recent years, by its easy application on any smooth surface and the variety of designs that have emerged on the market. With your application, it is possible to change the appearance of a room easily, fast and clean. This option can be also very fun to allowing the refurbishment of the room everytime you want. Read more from california hospital medical center to gain a more clear picture of the situation. So simply take off and choose what environment print room this time. There are also temporary vinyls for specific decorations, Christmas, new year’s Eve, birthdays, any occasion can be good to change the image of a room. Another technique that has regained its prestige is the wall papering that although something more complicated than the previous technique, allows you to add a distinctive touch to a room.

Wallpaper is back booming interior design offering a wide and varied range of combinations of colors, shapes, textures and reliefs. Up to the large fashion brands have signed up to the world of decoration creating their own collections of paper. Contact information is here: Gap . For homes where there are children triumphs washable paper. Smaymer and Zayas constructions and reforms through the website indicates the process to put one’s own paper strips correctly: must be placed very close together and continuing with the printed drawing. Paper strips make a perfect drawing than if the flaps can distort.

One of the latest trends when it comes to dress a naked wall of furniture is the use of the fotomural. Avant-garde aesthetic, this technique involves placing a printed usually monochromatic photograph large scale to coat a wall in full. The result is spectacular as well as economic, given that in many cases you can up to dispense with furniture on this wall. Their increasingly widespread use is ideal for creating environments in rooms, or even to visually separate rooms such as a dining room that share a same wall. Finally, liners are back with force to regain the importance they had years ago. Noble materials such as wood, stone get an elegant touch to a room, and although they are typically associated with houses and rural environments, the different finishes available on the market smooth manage to give an effect of modernity to the rooms. The recovery of the brick is also highly aesthetic and latest trends interspersed with furniture present by combining styles. And we can not forget the tile or tiles that are not limited to floors or bathrooms, have made the leap to walls! Its texture is gaining adherents, mainly because of the way in which reflects light, creating spaces different lights and shadows, giving personality to the environment. All these ideas for decorating walls can be consulted with experts through the web of request for quotations to professionals of the reforms. Its section of questions to expert repairs accommodates all possible questions that might arise in reference to decoration Interior and to the large or small home remodeling works. Tenders.