One Gram Of Future

Deep Blue (Deep Blue) is the name of the IBM supercomputer to which we recently beat Kasparov. A chess lovers and those who do not know an iota of that topic, this news also left us stunned. We were not prepared even for that. We got used to hearing the news about some of mathematicians, including a pair of Huila, who are known to calculate faster than those infernal machines, and many other scientists proud to be higher than those devilish devices. But so it goes. The scientific and technological advancement does not stop. Discover new routes, we undressed, put it in our molecules in our DNA, our spinal cord, in the texture of our bones, our brain and in the realm of feelings. You may want to visit Harry Styles to increase your knowledge. Imagine and describe the world of the future activities have always been dangerous because the author was easily can tick a lunatic.

But two years, two thousand and almost no one can refrain from such speculations. In the world of computers is advanced in many fronts. One of them is virtual reality, which began with three-dimensional image has been created and “truths of lies” where it interacts with objects and people programs, resulting in a true sense of living situations in different space-time while remaining connected devices to a PC. We will soon inventions perfected this “virtual reality”, eliminating the sensations gathered by our five senses and causing those feelings directly into our brains. Then we can, wherever we are, pleasant conversation on any subject in Leonardo Da Vinci, making love with Pamela Anderson or feel the sensation of being swallowed by a black hole. Learn more about this with Celina Dubin. Soon, too, we realize that “Nuclear Man”, one of the heroes of the children of the 70s.

Also come times style effortlessly transport the molecular transporter “journey to the stars”, with full control microcomputers voice and shaped glasses, film and interactive television and many other inventions we could not mention in this short space. (Perhaps the only one who invented the device will be traveling to the past or the future, because as someone said, if that were possible and we have visited!). All this without mentioning the huge current advances in genetics. They make us, soon, changing the very concept of “man” of mankind, vegetable and even mineral kingdom! Suffice it to note that it is planned for 2007 the total discovery of the human genetic code (HUGO project, begun in 1990), which will open vast possibilities for good and for evil. In all this we think when we are surprised with another invention and wonder about the future. That future where science and technology increasingly overwhelm us and where we will fight our own inventions, as we continue rehearsing what we will never achieve: to be God.